Brace Yourselves, Internet, For the Unremitting Onslaught of SEXY

Oh, yes. My “just woke up” hairdo brings all the girls to the yard. And yes, of course, I am seriously considering this for my next author photo. Because, obviously, why wouldn’t I.

My Thursday will be spent in SFWA board meetings, followed by my appearance tonight at Books, Inc., in Mountain View, Ca at 7pm. If you are in the vicinity of Mountain View, come on by. I promise what little remains of my hair will be under control at that point.


51 Comments on “Brace Yourselves, Internet, For the Unremitting Onslaught of SEXY”

  1. Oh sure. You tell us to brace for unremitting sexiness, then five minutes later you suddenly remit, and we all tumble over backwards like a punked tug-of-war team. We’re onto your little game, Scalzi.

  2. That’s a neat trick – a completely different expression on each side of your face.

  3. I, too, have the droopy eye and it seems it gets worse every year. Sigh, getting old sucks. Of course, it’s better than the alternative.

  4. Is one of those meetings the one in which you turn over the codes for the VOLCANO-POWERED LASER and the keys to the holding pen of the HYPER-INTELLIGENT WERE-BADGERS to your successor?

    Or are you going to keep one or the other of those as, heh, leverage?

  5. You seem to be channeling Hunter S. Thompson. If you use the picture as your author’s photo you need to sneak in the word, gonzo, somewhere in your bio.

  6. Is this the part where you reveal that Zeus secretly teleported into your hotel room this morning and managed to drag you to the mirror?

  7. Much better than your skin head shot, but you really should attach both ears before taking a photo.

  8. WAUGH!! Teh SEXY, it burns, it burns!

    (slaps right hand over eyes, and scrabbles around on the desktop futilely with left hand, trying to find bottle of brain bleach.)

  9. Hey, some people spend a lot of time getting their hair to stand up like that! There’s gel and mousse and, and, and product and stuff!

  10. Okay, John, picture that hairdo lighter colored and about 10 years advanced. Have only the stache.

    You have now met my husband in the morning.

  11. So I take it you do your shave and shower in the morning? I particularly like how your hair looks as if you’ve been rubbing a Tesla coil. All I can say is that I’ve never been more thankful for blue-sepia monochrome. I’m almost afraid to toss it in GIMP as see what it looks like colorized…yeah, no, I don’t need that burned into my brain. Have you considered dying your beard? I’m thinking a nice gold-tint.

  12. John,

    Does Berkeley Breathed know you’re using pictures of Bill the Cat on your webpage?

  13. How do you manage that without consuming alcohol?

    Better add it to the super powers list.

  14. My God, it’s an unholy hybrid between Jim Hines and Patrick Rothfuss.

    hmmm….next year’s answer to the Cover Pose competition?

  15. Just curious what Krissy’s reaction might be to Teh Glory That Is John Scalzi’s Hair First Thing In the A.M., As Seen on Teh Intarweebs. *pictures slow head shake, followed by…*

    Scorpius: “Ackkkk! Phtttttt!!”

  16. That would be perfect for the author photo if the next book title was something like “Confessions of a Unabomber”

  17. “Ruth on May 16, 2013 at 11:36 am

    That’s a neat trick – a completely different expression on each side of your fac
    If like me, whichever better eye gets to do all of the work.

  18. You just made me laugh at the end of a fairly miserable day. Thanks. Also, Scorpius ftw.

  19. Oop Ack! If this is what happens every time you leave home without your wife, I’d say she deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor for keeping us safe (er).

  20. And in fact Scalzi’s hair was under control for the evening book reading.

  21. I am at least comforted by the fact that, at age 53, I have possibly a bit more hair than you do ;)

  22. My husband has a pinker top of his head, so his hair sticks up on both sides like little horns. It’s so cute! Especially when he forgets to comb in when we’re going out somewhere. Sigh.

  23. I think our respective definitions of “sexy” are way different. And have you ever thought to go full “Yul Brynner”?

  24. Gaie, you may think he got kittened, but I think he got in the way of the mallet.

  25. >> Gives new meaning to “Old Man’s War”… <<
    Nice one Wicced!

    I love this blog as much for the comments as for the posts!

  26. It does bear a passing resemblance to pubic hair. So I guess sexy isn’t too far off.

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