Hey! Mass SF/F Signing! Tomorrow! San Jose! 5:30 – 7:30! With Me!

Want to see literally dozens of SF/F writers in one place at one time? Who are there to sign books? For you?

Then come on down to the San Jose Hilton (300 Almaden Blvd), from 5:30 to 7:30pm tomorrow (Friday, May 17) for the SFWA Mass Signing. It’s free and open to the public. Come see me! Not just me: Here are the some of the others signing books:

John Joseph Adams
Saladin Ahmed
Catherine Asaro
Kate Baker
Terry Bisson
Leah Bobet
Sonja A. Bock
Chaz Brenchley
Jason V Brock
Tina Connolly
Grania Davis
Aliette de Bodard
Jon DeCles
William C. Dietz
Sarah Beth Durst
Cynthia Felice
Jim Fiscus
Susan Forest
Steven Gould
Karen Haber Silverberg
Joe W. Haldeman
Marty Halpern
Maria Dahvana Headley
Howard V. Hendrix
Vylar Kaftan
Alethea Kontis
Mary Robinette Kowal
Joseph E. Lake, Jr.
Edward M. Lerner
Brit Mandelo
Lee Martindale
Michael J. Martinez
Jack McDevitt
Mike Moscoe
Eugene Myers
Mark Niemann-Ross
William Nolan
Diana L. Paxson
Michael H. Payne
Cat Rambo
Kim Stanley Robinson
Deborah J. Ross
Stanley Schmidt
Lawrence M. Schoen
Robert Silverberg
Bud Sparhawk
Rachel Swirsky
Joe Trela
Connie Willis
Gene Wolfe

Honestly, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to show up. It’s science fiction/fantasy Nirvana. Borderlands Books will be on hand with books to buy, or you can bring your own. We’ll be happy to scrawl in them.

See you there!

23 Comments on “Hey! Mass SF/F Signing! Tomorrow! San Jose! 5:30 – 7:30! With Me!”

  1. Why isn’t Seattle closer to San Jose? That’s a wonderful list of rather awesome people.

  2. Well, I’d want to, but being in England right now is a bit of an obstacle. Looks like a fun time will be had, though.

  3. Given that amount of talent in one room, I don’t think a mere two hours is time enough.

  4. ARRRGH! This happens practically spitting distance from my house at a time I will be out of town??? I have obviously angered the SF gods. I need to go make a sacrifice.

  5. Damn. If only I could afford to pack up about a 10th of my library and fly to San Jose…. Say, Mr. Scalzi, sir, I don’t suppose if I sent them by overnight you’d mind….? (^_^) I didn’t think so. Rats.

  6. Unfortunately, I won’t be there after all. I couldn’t attend the Nebulas this year, much to my regret. But that is a wonderful line-up of authors. I will miss seeing you all!

    Catherine Asaro

  7. This is not a roster; this is a taunt. “Look at who you’re ALMOST close enough to see!” Oh well. Have fun hoisting a brew afterwards.

  8. If I weren’t on the wrong coast, I would have to bring a little red wagon to haul all the things I already own that I’d like to have signed by this line-up, even if I limited it to one book per author.

  9. If I ever need to come up with names for super hero alter egos, I am gonna have to go with Cat Rambo and Bud Sparhawk.

  10. Dear Elder Gods of SF,

    Some of the people whose names are on that list may have offended you in their past (or maybe even future) writings; please refrain from raining thunderbolts of doom upon the room in which they plan to gather. SOME of us admire their work despite your displeasure.

    Thank you for your forbearance.

  11. Ordinarily I have no interest i the west coast, but this would be an exception. Just re-read McDevitt’s ‘A Talent For War’ for the umpteenth time, still one of my top ten all time favorites. “Lost pilot…”

  12. I was so excited about this till I read the date. This is what I get for not reading my feeds in a timely manner.

  13. Awwwww, why must I catch up on Whatever on a weekly basis and miss things like this? And also live on the other side of the country from San Jose…

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