View From a Hotel Window: San Jose

And to answer the age-old question, no, I don’t know the way to San Jose, on account that for the last two days I was driven around by other people and have no idea, navigationally, how I got here. Thank God for GPS.

Nevertheless I am here, in San Jose, and about to formally embark on my last ever Nebula Weekend as president of SFWA. It’ll be fun. Those of you who are in or near San Jose, remember that there is the mass signing today at 5:30, with me and dozens of your favorite science fiction and fantasy writers; here are the details. See you there!

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  1. Wish I could be there, but I’m stuck in the flyover. BTW, San Jose is easy to get to. It’s on US hwy 101.

  2. My friends back home (i.e. the North Bay Area) used to joke that you get to San Jose by taking Interstate 80 to 280 to 380 to 580 to 680 to 880, etc. You get the point. In other words, half the highways and interstates in northern California have an “80” as part of their number, which makes for a lot of fun when trying to remember which road to take. No wonder everyone prefers Highway 101. :-)

  3. Will the regime change involve pulling down any rabbit statues, or just swearing the next pres in on a copy of Tolkien?

  4. Why is San Jose so yellow? Is it smog? Be sure to keep your face covered and breathe only bottled air.
    Or does the hotel never wash its windows?

  5. I should think that this calls for a little Burt Bacharach on the ukelele. I mean it isn’t as if you have a lot to do this weekend. Right?

  6. My signed copy of Human Division just arrived from Jay and Mary’s Book Center! But I’m torn; the sooner I start reading it, the sooner I’ll be done with it…

  7. It’s the windows – a lot of windows in downtown sj have coatings that make it look odd colors outside. It’s an absolutely beautiful day here today.

    Also, if you’re a fan of creme brulee, La Pastaia in the bottom of the de anza hotel has a wonderful chocolate one :)

  8. I am so their tonight! However, everything I’ve read in the last 4 years has been on my iPhone, so especially here in Silicon Valley you might be signing a few of those….

  9. If I were an architect I’d have something to say about that view.
    As somebody who has watched ‘Burn Notice’ the building to the
    down and left has some awesome rooftops for _Staging_ a fire
    Top, middle building is a great place to target half a city from.
    (Uhm? You ain’t there no more? Right? You are in some other

    Reason for post:
    I just installed the Firefox add on ‘Self-destructing cookies’ which
    removed some 2,400 cookies from horrible places like Facebook
    K’, going off to log onto redacted. Bugger. redacted. Bugger. ‘K. So allow
    ‘K. Seems like a good idea to allow cookies.
    ‘K. If my Gravatar icon does or does not show up I will or won’t
    swear about that within the next ten minutes.

  10. The view from the hospitality suite on 11 was lovely as twilight faded.

  11. Ahhh, home … for the rest of mi familia. San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Vallejo. Say hi to them for me, John. Maybe they’ll feed you. You would like that. It’s the best food in the world: Chamoru.

  12. Adding ‘’ uh, well, better than ‘scuzzy.’ Spell check needs shins to kick.
    Adding ‘’ to that new plugin’s “white list” which is actually just a list because
    it consists of allowed and blocked and sort of allowed and blocked sites.
    Uhm, why. Right, because I’m trusting of ;p

  13. Freaky.
    Two things I did here.
    I upgraded FF and have been playing with a new FF add on.
    Now I don’t get an intermediate login screen, the article just posts.

  14. OK. This is great.
    Mom is now watching what seems to be an older “Planet of the Apes”

    Note to self. Check out the timelines for Brin uplift and those damn
    dirty humans.

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