RT Book Reviews Video Interview; IGMS Review of THD

Welcome to Saturday. 

First: Look! A video interview with me from RT Book Reviews, taken during the Booklover’s Convention a couple of weeks ago in Kansas City. I talk about The Human Division, the RT convention and some SFWA matters:

Second: Jamie Todd Rubin reviews The Human Division in Intergalactic Medicine Show, and has nice things to say about the book. For example:

The Human Division is not just John Scalzi at its best, it is science fiction at its best.

Yup, that’s a jacket blurb right there.

Third: Nebula Weekend fabulous so far. Wish you were here.

3 Comments on “RT Book Reviews Video Interview; IGMS Review of THD”

  1. As of today, The Human Division has found its way from my local science fiction bookshop to my desk here in Stockholm, Sweden. yay!!

  2. Jack, maybe it’s just an odd translation from Hungarian, which just has the one third-person singular pronoun. (If someone would kindly check whether the hovercraft is full of eels, that would clarify things.)

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