Seattle! Come See Me TODAY, 7pm, University Temple United Methodist Church!

That’s right, Seattleites — as you read this I am lurking about your town, preparing for my event tonight, May 20, at 7pm at the University Temple United Methodist Church — which, in case you don’t know, is located at 1415 NE 43rd St in Seattle.

What will I do there? Read! And talk! And sign books! And maybe play a ukulele if someone brings one! Who knows! What I do know is that it will be fun fun fun. And also, fun.

Please note: This is a ticketed event, and you can get tickets one of two ways:

1. Buy tickets for $5 at the door (cheap!)

2. Buy The Human Division from University Bookstore and get the ticket free with your purchase. Since I will be signing books at the event, this is probably the best possible way to go for this particular (I will sign your other books of course).

I always have an insanely good time in Seattle and I’m looking forward to more of the same tonight. Hope to see you there!

14 Comments on “Seattle! Come See Me TODAY, 7pm, University Temple United Methodist Church!”

  1. How did I miss/forget that you were hitting Seattle on this tour. I’ll be there.

  2. Scalzi in Seattle…Heaven has come to us!!! WOOHOOO!!! Can we start the event now? I’m so excited!!! I have my Gamma Rabbit shirt on and I’m so looking forward to hearing the sweet and entertaining voice of the heaven sent muse….they call him Scalzi, I can barely keep my pants on- I’m bursting with glee at the seams.

  3. I’m sad: I have to work tonight and can’t be there. However, my petty concerns aside:

    Have a fabulous time in my town, John! We love our good books and the writers who write them.

    If you don’t yet have dinner plans, I recommend Tilth. It’s right up the road from the U District in Wallingford. It has tiny food, but so so delicious.

  4. Dicks Drive-in is less than a mile away from the event. You will need to go there to compare notes with the other fast food joints you’ve hit so far. Better bring your A game. I have some diabolical questions for you to answer.

  5. Looking forward to it (as always) even though I think it’s weird that Seattle is your only stop where there are paid tickets. Yeah, I know, five bucks, but STILL.

  6. Was there, it was great! And yeah, University Bookstore really, really wants you to buy the book there- they bring in multiple authors a week so they can’t really afford to take a loss on them.

  7. It was awesome seeing you tonight! And yes, “The Android’s Dream” is so far totally on my level (I admire any author who can work farting into a generational vendetta and political intrigue.) Next time, we’ll have to get you a tuned ukelele.

  8. Thanks for a fun evening of q&a and readings. It was most definitely trippy to have the event in a church but I think you hedged your agnostic bets well…

  9. Thanks for a great evening, John! I don’t get out much these days so it was quite the treat. It was a pleasure to have finally met you, sir. Best of luck on the rest of your tour and safe journeys. I’ll also say that church did add a certain … sanctity or something to the event. Did you smell the incense? Boy, that brought back some memories.

    Oh! your sekrit signacher along with horrific runic curse will insure a long life for said book. I will make sure that my family knows to treat this book with extreme kindness.

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