Gosh, We’re All Really Impressed Down Here I Can Tell You

Me last night at the venue for my reading, which was the Methodist church right across the street from the University Bookstore in Seattle. Here I am looking at the patron of the establishment, hoping he would not strike me down, in my naughtiness.

He did not.

Thanks to Daniel Christensen for the photo.

Seattle was lovely. On to Portland now — or more accurately Beaverton, where I am at Powells, tonight, 7pm. If you’re in the Portland area, I hope to see you there.

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  1. Thanks again, John, for coming to see us. The sunshine that arrived with you has left again, and we have scuttled back under our rocks. It was nice while it lasted.

  2. My pleasure, Mr. Scalzi. It was great to see you (and it was too good of a shot to pass up.)

  3. I would have been sorely tempted to lauch into the Reverend Cleophus James’ sermon from The Blues Brothers.

  4. ETA: Monty Python quote for the win…
    Gosh, we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell You.
    Forgive us, O Lord, for this, our dreadful toadying, and barefaced flattery.

  5. I wish I would have known in advance you were going to be at Powells, since I have work tonight and just can’t call in. Nurts.

  6. I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it last night – maybe your next book tour will include Seattle, and I’ll be able to get over there.

    (Am also curious about what to get signed when we have only digital copies. Bookmarks might be a nice, slightly archaic bit of ephemera to collect…)

  7. John kindly signed a 3×5 card that I keep inside the pocket of my Kindle cover. I’ve also collected from Cory Doctorow and Mary Robinette Kowal. Hopefully, you have a pocket in your e-reader/tablet, cover too?

  8. I wouldn’t sweat a little irreverence. The available data strongly suggests that if God exists, S/He has a sense of humor.

    (A certain subset of followers, on the other hand, would be unamused. Them, you might want to watch out for.)

  9. I use pics of my favorite authors as my screen saver. I added this one to the file with the title “Scalzi Tells God Whatever”.

    (Now I’m going to be wondering all day what God uses as her screen saver…)

  10. That is some really beautiful stained glass behind you! You get to speak and read in the coolest venues :)

  11. It’s too bad you couldn’t have your signing at the downtown Powell’s. The Beaverton one is unfortunately too far for me. I hope you have an awesome time and enjoy our city, though! Portland’s a good place to be a sci-fi author, methinks.

  12. I have authors sign the cover to my Nook. It’s dark brown faux-leather (some kinda vinyl, I guess?) and I bring a silver Sharpie.
    But after Nebula Autographapalooza, it’s full and I must start on another one.
    There are fewer and fewer authors that I must explain this to. Most of them are used to it by now. Scalzi didn’t bat an eye.

  13. I have authors sign the cover to my Nook.

    I’m collecting signatures on the reverse side of my Nook. John’s is there. I also carry a suitable pen. They are pretty safe there since I use a Nook cover, but eventually I’ll run out of room or obsolete the Nook and then what? I guess I can frame it with screen toward the wall.

  14. After looking at the photo, all I could think was “Have you heard the one about the Monk walking into a bar?”

  15. Sadly, the photo was taken so late that the light had faded. Earlier the light through the glass had illuminated the angels’ wings and the various other bits so you looked rather more beatific during the actual reading and tuning of the ukelele. I figured, He was just really impressed with your ability to tune a uke at all while making jokes and being generally amusing. It’s almost as good a trick as turning water into wine!

  16. Yes, some people use the euphemism ‘gosh’ even when actually addressing God.

  17. @ Aunti Laura

    Funny, he doesn’t look Druish.

    @ Jack Lint

    …and the flames went higher ♫

    @ Xopher Halftongue

    *whistles innocently* Or at least think they are…

  18. Why Beaverton? *shakes fist at the Fates* So close, Mr. Scalzi, yet so far. I just finished reading Old Men’s War and loved it – immediately ordered the sequel from the Multnomah County Library. Got it today. Sad I missed you!

  19. Behold Dear Leader of the Church of Schadenfreude! Long may He lead us into temptation!

  20. Aw, goshdarnit! I wish I’d been paying closer attention! My husband and I would probably have come to see you if we’d known you were in town. I saw Brandon Sanderson in that very church, last year sometime.

  21. Thanks for coming! The book reading was bleeping awesome.
    -Chelsea, who just moved to Seattle on Sunday

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