Madison! I’m at A Room Of One’s Own TOMORROW, 4pm! Note the Time!

I’ll be doing a rare afternoon tour appearance tomorrow in Madison because at 6pm, A Room of One’s Own welcomes the Guests of Honor at Wiscon, the (completely fantastic) science fiction and fantasy convention. So if you’re coming at 4 o’clock to Room of One’s Own to see me, stick around afterward for the GoHs, which include last year’s Nebula and Hugo Award winner, Jo Walton. And if you’re coming at 6pm to see the guests of honor, why not come out a little bit early to see me? It’ll be more speculative fiction writers than you can shake the proverbial stick at.

So remember, Madison: Tomorrow (Thursday, May 23), A Room Of One’s Own, 4pm. Don’t be late! See you there.

11 Comments on “Madison! I’m at A Room Of One’s Own TOMORROW, 4pm! Note the Time!”

  1. At last, a post that answers the age-old question, “How do you get an entire room full of science fiction fans to bring sticks to a bookstore and shake them?”

  2. darylgstewart – Rio Vista, CA – Former Pastor, State Auditor, Logistician, et al, Now retired in Trilogy Development - Rio Vista, CA. I am an elder of Windborn Church in Rio Vista and some of my posts can be followed at . I am on Facebook, google1, linked in and twitter (@darylste) I respond to your comments, so feel free to engage in discourse that is constructive and edifying.

    sadly, I will not be able to come due to the distance between us. Have a good time.

  3. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan – Fantasy/SF Author. Works include the Catalyst Chronicles series, starting with "Lyon's Legacy" and continuing in 2013 with "Twinned Universes."
    Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

    Unfortunately, I won’t be coming up to Madison for WisCon until Friday afternoon. Are you attending WisCon?

  4. Unfortunately, after planning to attend for some time, my schedule has changed and I will not be there. I hope you enjoy Madison and it treats you well!

  5. If only you were staying for the convention! I’ll be there (thanks to the incredible generosity of a friend) but not until Friday. Have a great reading anyway!

  6. I quite enjoyed the readings (yes, I did have churro cravings after…), and the bits of Q&A that I heard before I had to leave. Wish I could have stayed for more. Safe travels!

  7. allisonmonkey – After 10 years together, my spouse and I are expecting a wee one. With a couple of nerdy language and science geeks for parents, the Tickle's got no chance at being normal. Sorry, kid.

    Your reading was much appreciated. I’m so pleased that you’re as pleasant (and hilarious) in person as you are on your blog. :)

  8. You are the first author I ever felt inspired to get sign my book. Both the reading and the Q&A afterward were a delight. Thanks for coming to Madison!

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