Phoenix/Scottsdale: I’m At the Poisoned Pen, Saturday, 5pm!

As most of you know, I’m heading to Phoenix to be part of the Phoenix ComicCon. But for those of you who are not attending that little soiree, you’ll be happy to know that I am also making a public appearance at Poisoned Pen Bookstore to chat a bit and to sign The Human Division (and other books you might have). Aside the information in the headline, here are all the details on that. Come on down, we’ll have ALL THE FUNS. Yes, I’ve arranged for all of the funs to be shipped to the store. They’ll be in boxes. Labeled “funs.” That’s how it works, people.

9 Comments on “Phoenix/Scottsdale: I’m At the Poisoned Pen, Saturday, 5pm!”

  1. Really? On a holiday weekend, you will be hoarding ALL THE FUNS in Scottsdale, Arizona? That hardly seems fair…

  2. Will you be signing at Phoenix Comic Con? Or would one need to leave a little early to catch you at poisoned pen to get stuff signed too?

  3. Good thing I checked the link. I had the event marked on the calendar as at 2:00, instead of 5:00.

    (Not that I couldn’t spend three hours hanging around a good bookstore. But bookstores have a econophilic relationship with my wallet, as in: they suck all the money out of it.)

  4. And apparently coming up soon you’re playing a game with Wil Wheaton!

    Have fun~ *waves hanky*

  5. Yeah, they outsourced that “Funs” shipment from a remote province in China. Little known fact: “Funs” in an obscure Chinese dialect (which is, incidentally spoken in aforementioned remote Chinese province) means “over-cooked broccoli covered with Limburger cheese.”

    Have Fun!

  6. Cool! I am looking forward to it in true geek anticipation. I’ll see you at the Poisoned Pen tomorrow!

  7. Obi-Vonn – You should be! I met him at comicon today and he’s great. I, on the other hand, momentarily lost the ability to articulate a thought and said something along the lines of, “Uhhh… I read your blog.”

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