Hello From Phoenix Comic Con

Having a fabulous time so far. Yesterday’s fun included embarrassing the heck out of author Kevin Hearne, having a limo ride with Grant Imahara, and sharing a dessert with Jewel Staite. You know, as you do. Plus hanging around with some of my favorite writer people and otherwise getting into all sorts of mischief. I plan to do similarly today.

Those of you in Phoenix and the surrounding area not at the Comic Con, please remember I’ll be at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale at 5pm today to chat and sign books. Come on down, it’ll be great to see you.

12 Comments on “Hello From Phoenix Comic Con”

  1. I shall have to come over to America again one day if only to get to one of your signings! They always sound like great fun.

  2. Here’s where I get to be jealous of my wife some more. She’s got a bunch of students with her there at the con, while I’m having to stay home with the kids. Shucks!

  3. Loved seeing you at the con this year John. I was at your first panel. Fun times indeed!

  4. And I just happen to be in Phoenix for a conference when Comic Con opened next door… only it was last year. Just my luck…

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