Daily Archives: May 27, 2013

Memphis! Come See Me at The Booksellers at Laurel Wood TUESDAY 6pm!

Once again the headline says it all — I’m coming to Memphis, perchance to amuse you with my reading, signing and q&a skills. Here are all the details about my appearance. This will be my first ever visit to Memphis, so, one, I’m very excited to visit andalso very excited that Dyer’s Burgers is apparently […]

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In Which Cracked.com Does a Follow-up On “Straight White Male”

Hey, remember a year ago when I wrote a piece talking about how being a straight white male was like playing the game of life on the lowest difficulty setting? And then a bunch of straight white dudes lost their minds about it? Especially when the piece was reposted to Kotaku, the video games news […]

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