Not the View From My Hotel Window, Memphis Edition

Rather, where I had dinner this evening. The burger, as promised, was quite good. And Beale street was hopping. I think I like this town.

14 Comments on “Not the View From My Hotel Window, Memphis Edition”

  1. You picked a great time to come to Memphis – not yet hot and humid enough to melt your brain, but nice enough to have a lovely day seeing the sights.

  2. I’m having a moment of hating you just a little bit, because now I want to go back to Memphis. But, just a moment. And then I will make it a point to go back to Memphis in the next year or so.

  3. WHAT. I live in Memphis for three years and you never once show your dastardly, yellow-bellied face, and then I move to China in April and all of a sudden you decide to waltz on in like you own the place? How DARE you, Scalzi. See if I ever make another Smeagol dubstep remix for you. HMPH.

    (Seriously, though, I’ll tell my family to show up at the Booksellers. Hope the city’s treating you well.)

  4. Its probably good that that is not the view from your hotel room or your room would be in the sewer judging by the angle! There are worse town then Memphis, enjoy!

  5. I’m with a. lee carter – you wait until weeks after I move out of Memphis to put in an appearance? Just because I’m usually a lurker doesn’t mean I don’t care, John!

  6. You ate supper in Memphis and it wasn’t dry-rubbed ribs? Gotta question your judgment there.

  7. Scalzi – I highly recommend Charlie Vargos Rendezvous for the dry rub ribs.

  8. I suggest going slightly farther up Beale to the Blues City Cafe, have the ribs & fries platter and a side of beef stew.

  9. There is a reason that a LOT of blues and blues influenced songs reference Memphis. So I’m glad for that.

    However, and I’ll note by way of explanation that my great to the third grandfather marched with Sherman, I still think that the proper use of the south is “kindling”.

  10. And don’t forget to wash everything down with a properly made glass of sweet tea! I have to admit, Memphis is one of the few towns where I can simply pick a bar based on the music inside and be totally happy.

  11. For BBQ:

    The ‘Vous is for tourists…

    Go to Leonard’s, Central, or The G’town Commisary for the good stuff.

  12. I was going to post a Local’s Guide to BBQ in Memphis, but there’s a reason we’re all fat and mostly happy – everyone has their favorites, and usually more than one. The only thing that outnumbers the BBQ joints here are the churches, and most of them have a team(BBQ team, that is.) But Dyer’s is a good burger, Bookseller’s is amazing store, and well, I’m in disneyworld so my wife and I will miss your reading/signing but according to my kids you ain’t Mickey. Sign extras for us, we;ll buy ’em!