Priest, Sykes, Hieber, Dawson, Hearne and Me, Blathering Randomly for an Hour

We’re all writers. We all snark at each other on Twitter. The folks at Phoenix Comic Con gave us an hour to replicate that experience live, on a panel. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Thank you! I was working the con & missed all of your panels, so at least you were spared my fangirl squeeing, lol.

  2. Seeing this video makes me realize all of you are just big kids. But it sure seems like there is a lot of great SFF represented there.

  3. I’m glad I was able to make this happen. And also glad it got recorded so I could actually see it (I was in line for the Babylon 5 Cast Photo Op during most of it).

    Lee Whiteside
    Books & Authors Manager, Phoenix Comicon.

  4. OK, who is it who’s got the truly awesome hat in the still? I want to read their books just because of the hat.

  5. Thank you Lee! (I realise that buying someone’s books because of an awesome hat they wore seems strange, but honestly, it’s at least as well-founded as any of my normal author-discovery strategies… Plus, I choose to believe that it displays excellent taste and individuality, which hopefully will also show through in the writing.)

  6. Just noting that the author next to Award Winning Kevin Hearne (who had the Shame award) made a fantastic comment regarding how bunnies smell. (with their nose).

    well played, well played. (and yes, i’m too lazy to rewind to the introductions to get a proper name)

  7. Leanna often says that if you like the way she dresses, you’ll like her gothic Victorian gaslight fantasy books. :) I’m afraid to watch the video because I had no idea it was being filmed and seem to remember admitting to eating kittens…

  8. Don’t worry, you didn’t say kittens. And you gave it great context. This so felt like overhearing a conversation at another table, except that laughing out loud wasn’t going to bring the stares of death.

  9. @Jeremy Wiebe

    That might be true, except that Kevin appears to be the sweetest man alive. He put up with this kind of thing from these guys for three days straight without doing anything other than laughing and blushing adorably; I think they’re safe from retaliation.

    (Then again, his series is an urban fantasy about Druids, so the other panelists might want to keep an eye on their houseplants for a while; you never know…)

  10. Nobama: Now you have.

    Matt: That was Delilah.

    Just so everyone is clear, left to right the participants are:
    Cherie Priest, John Scalzi, Sam Sykes, Leanna Renee Hieber, Delilah S. Dawson, and Kevin Hearne. Also in the audience, I believe, were Shawn Speakman and Peter Orullian.

    That type of banter was going on all weekend in our Author’s Alley.

  11. I dragged my husband to this panel (he’s not a big sci-fi fan, but I made him come anyway) and he now understands why I follow your twitter feeds :) The humor is why he now wants to read the books by all the authors on the panel. You guys rock!