Raleigh: See Me at Quail Ridge Books, Wednesday, 7:30!

Yet again, the headline has the relevant details, but if you need more, follow this link.

I’m very much looking forward to coming to North Carolina again; some of my favorite people are there. If you come to the event, you may be one of them! So please drop by. Tell your friends to drop by. Tell the neighbors, too. Heck, tell random people on the street. In a non-creepy way, of course.

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  1. How do you tell strangers on the street in a non-creepy way? Oh I’ve got it! Print fliers, tape them to the front and back of your shirt, and have a handful to give strangers if they ask you about it. If You are ever in my area I promise to give that a try and see if it helps. :D

  2. I would totally see you at Quail Ridge Books, having seen and heard Jasper Fforde there once, except that I’m too damned far away this time! Read long and well, Mr. Scalzi…

  3. I used to live a couple of miles from Quail Ridge– it’s a nice place with a quasi-bohemian vibe you wouldn’t expect in Raleigh. At least, it did 12 years ago.

    Depending on your timing/ plans, may I recommend Char Grill for a meal? It’s a dive/institution on Hillsborough Street, a few blocks from the Old Capitol Bldg. Don’t miss the milkshakes! It’s take out only, but quite an experience.

    On the other end of the spectrum is The Angus Barn, an old school steakhouse near the airport. It’s possible that the restaurant actually pre-dates the airport; when I moved to NC in 1993 it was a venerable institution. It’s owned by an old line North Carolina political family, and it mixes a certain Southern charm in with the traditional steakhouse model– their spinach salad (prepared tableside) is really excellent.

  4. My boyfriend and I are coming — we’ve had this on our calendar ever since we first had a calendar! (Which was about two weeks ago.)

  5. Dear John,

    Do you have any plans to come to San Antone?


    Feeling left out in the, well lately, rain.

  6. I am slightly too poor to justify gas money to Raleigh in my massively fuel-ineffecient vehicle right now, but I will be there in spirit.

  7. With some devious planning, I managed to be down here in Raleigh for a business trip, and will definitely be there :-).

  8. Listening to Scalzi at Quail Ridge Books. Have this inexplicable urge to eat a churro.

  9. Like Avery said, Churros!

    John, I really enjoyed listening to you. Thanks for coming to Raleigh!

  10. Thanks, John! We had a great time seeing you in Raleigh. I think my son is already a couple of chapters into The Human Division, in spite of Final Exams starting this week.

  11. Churros all around!! Thanks for making the drive worth it, John!! Tom & Tiff (or is it the other way around?)

  12. Thanks for coming out to see us in Raleigh! I’ve never actually had a churro, but now I have this strange craving…

  13. John, thanks for a terrific evening. Great stories! You are as entertaining in person as you are in your writing. The ice cream story still has me chuckling.

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