My Daughter’s Transistor Radio

While I was out on tour my daughter’s non-smart phone imploded, coincidentally right around the time she was eligible for an upgrade. We got her an iPhone, on the thinking it would actually be useful to her now. It is, although not as a phone; I don’t think I’ve actually seen her talk on it even once. What she does with it? Mostly, as far as I can tell, she uses it as a transistor radio: She fires up the Pandora app, selects her curated pop music station, and plays it as she moves around the house. She doesn’t use headphones, which I am actually fine with (too much time with earphones equals hearing damage over time); she just lets the music play through the iPhone’s speaker. It comes out tinny and mono — the exact experience of a transistor radio, minus a bit of static and commercials, and with the occasional bleep when there’s an incoming text.

I find this use of the iPhone endearing, actually, and a reminder that most teenagers, regardless of era, like their music immediate rather in brilliant 7.1 fidelity. It’s also a reminder that pop music is designed to be consumed fast and freely, on tiny, cheap speakers. It sounds better there. Maybe that’s just me. But tell me I’m wrong.

Oh, Yeah, About That Contest

Hey, wasn’t I meant to do a contest? Why, yes, I was. Did I forget about it? No, I just ran out of time to look at the entries before I went on tour, because of things. Which from your end of things looks exactly like forgetting. Sorry about that. And now that The Human Division is out, getting a signed ARC of it is not a huge prize anymore.

But maybe getting a signed ARC of The Mallet of Loving Correction is! So now, in addition to giving away a signed edition of The Human Division, I will also give away a signed ARC of Mallet. Because I made all y’all wait. Because I suck.

And when will I announce those winners? Uh, maybe Friday, because tomorrow and Wednesday I’m out on tour again and I come back home Thursday. So, yes. Friday. Let’s say Friday.

Friday it is.

Cincinnati! Tour Event Tuesday, June 4, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm!

Yes, I know, you thought I was all done with my touring. But in fact I have four more stop, all driveable, and the first is tomorrow in Cincinnati, with my friends at Joseph-Beth. If you are in the Cincy area, why not stop by? I will entertain you! With tales of aliens! And churros! And possibly finger puppets! (Chance of finger puppets: Low. But you never know.)

The details are here (scroll down til you get to June). I hope you will come, and that you will bring many people with you. Promise them there will be finger puppets! Everyone loves finger puppets.

(P.S.: Dayton folks: Don’t worry, I’ll be at Books & Co. next week.)

Why, Yes, I’ll Have a Cat Pic Today, Thanks

The cat may be laughing at me. Well, we’ll see who’s laughing at feeding time, won’t we?