Cincinnati! Tour Event Tuesday, June 4, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm!

Yes, I know, you thought I was all done with my touring. But in fact I have four more stop, all driveable, and the first is tomorrow in Cincinnati, with my friends at Joseph-Beth. If you are in the Cincy area, why not stop by? I will entertain you! With tales of aliens! And churros! And possibly finger puppets! (Chance of finger puppets: Low. But you never know.)

The details are here (scroll down til you get to June). I hope you will come, and that you will bring many people with you. Promise them there will be finger puppets! Everyone loves finger puppets.

(P.S.: Dayton folks: Don’t worry, I’ll be at Books & Co. next week.)

8 Comments on “Cincinnati! Tour Event Tuesday, June 4, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm!”

  1. I’m bummed that I’m interning outside of Cincinnati otherwise I’d go. I’ll have to try and catch you next time you come through the city.

  2. John, you better clarify your statement. Some people may show up expecting REAL churros, not tales of churros.

  3. Thanks for coming to Cincinnati, Mr. Scalzi. I don’t recall ever hearing that much laughter from an author’s talk, a most excellent time was had by all!

  4. Thank you for a great evening of fun and laughter. Looking forward to more happy reading soon! And yes, you passed muster; in person and in book. [`a fellow Piper-ite]

  5. Thanks for the show. On the drive home I asked my 8 year old if he would ask an alien if she pooped and he said “No way, that’s not a valid question.” The signed picture of the mallet and the troll will be framed and hung by the computer to remind us what to do to trolls.