Why, Yes, I’ll Have a Cat Pic Today, Thanks

The cat may be laughing at me. Well, we’ll see who’s laughing at feeding time, won’t we?

22 Comments on “Why, Yes, I’ll Have a Cat Pic Today, Thanks”

  1. Laughing!? It’s the villainous upturned mustache that scares me the most. If he had fingers, he’d be twirling the tips. Don’t go near the railroad tracks.

  2. Aw, look at the sleepy, fuzzy kittycat…let’s just rumple that furry tummy….YOWWWWW!!!!!

  3. This is the thought going thru her head. “Well, he’s back. Wake me before he heads out again”

  4. Lol. True, John. My cat was knocking on my bedroom door for food at 430 this morning.

  5. That’s either a yawn or an indication that she’s decided now would be the perfect time to exact her vengeance upon you for the whole bacon embarrassment episode.

  6. Why, yes, that IS a marvelous imitation of the Hitchhiker’s Guide “DON’T PANIC” cover critter from the 1980s!

  7. Take the chocolate-coated bacon away from me, or FEEL MY WRATH!

    (This is the best upset cat photo I think I’ve ever seen.)

  8. Looks suspiciously like a (vampire)_ bat – do you hear muffled thumping in the night
    as it tries to get out?


  9. The Radiant She!

    I’d tell Her “So FLOOFY!” in a high pitched voice, but she’s probably about as keen on that as she is on bacon taping. And She would scold me for saying Her Name wrong.

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