Lexington! Me! You! Wednesday! Joseph-Beth Books! 7pm!

Yes, this is very much like the notice I gave yesterday, except that it’s an entirely different location in an entirely different state! Be that as it may, Lexingtonians, I will be in your fair city! And I will read to you! And answer questions! And sign books! And stuff! Especially stuff. Because I know how much you enjoy stuff. Well, and so do I.

Please come. Bring friends. Have those friends bring friends! And make friends with those friends! And we will all be friends together. Just as it should always be.

9 Comments on “Lexington! Me! You! Wednesday! Joseph-Beth Books! 7pm!”

  1. Annnnnnd now that I check, Joseph-Beth Booksellers has four stores, but only one in a Lexington, the one in KY.

  2. Okay, that read kinda different for some reason today. I could almost hear the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” filling the background. I bet you could make it work with War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” too. No, really.

  3. I’m going to be in Ohio! But not until next month, and kinda on the wrong side of the state. Curse that schedule!

  4. I was at Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati last night for his signing – if you guys down in Lexington can make it, do so, he’s great. I got an absolutely fantastic picture of him with a finger puppet…boy I wish we could post images here!

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