View From the Hotel Window, Old Timey Edition

Lexington is full of sepia today. It might be a serious condition. It should get that checked into.

In other news, hello, I am in Kentucky. Hope to see some of you tonight at seven at Joseph-Beth Booksellers here in Lexington. Dress in modern attire if you wish!

Holy Crap, It’s Already 11

I meant to do so many things already! But now I have to drive to Lexington.

So whilst I drive and do other non-being-on-the-Web site things, a question to keep you busy:

Tell me your favorite piece of media when you were twelve. 

That could be a TV show, pop song or video, video game, comic book, whatever. The only rule is that it had to be the media-related thing you couldn’t live without.

Tell us! We all wish to know.

This was probably it for me, by the way.