Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 1

Books and ARCs came into the house even while I was away on tour, and now I’m catching up on some of what’s come in, for your perusal and delight. Here’s the first stack, with another two or three to come in the next couple of days. Anything here catch your eye? Share in the comments.

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  1. “Reviver” caught my eye earlier today when it came up as a recommended summer read. I might try it out. I’m looking for a good urban fantasy along the lines of Harry Dresden (of course) and Felix Castor, more hard-boiled detective novel with a supernatural twist than paranormal romance.

  2. 23 years on fire is an intriguing title, especially when published by Pyr.

    Never heard of any of them, which is unusual.

  3. Out of curiosity, how many of the many many books that come into your house do you actually get to read? Like, what percentage?

  4. Whoa, Chimes at Midnight. I’m a huge non-fan of the Toby Daye cover designs, but I know the author and many other readers do like them, so I s’pose that’s what matters. It will feel like forever before that’s available to the general public, won’t it? :P

    What’s with all the Pyr titles being TNR(ish) on plain white? And is it just the perspective, or are the actual titles on those spines a little, mmm, decentered from the vertical axis? The bottom two have interesting titles, anyway.

  5. The Last Full Measure caught my eye. Might be an interesting alternate history.

  6. Beej – if you like the Harry Dresden books, you’ll probably appreciate a series I just ran into recently by Benedict Jacka, the ‘Alex Verus’ novels. Good stuff. The first book in the series is called Fated. Here’s a blurb:

    “Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus tremendously—and be a little nervous around him. I just added Benedict Jacka to my must-read list.”—Jim Butcher

  7. Chimes at Midnight, Chimes at Midnight, Chimes at Midnight (I think I scared my Library patrons, inadvertently “loudly” chanting that while typing)!!!!

  8. New Malazan book – Blood and Bone – I’m reading it right now. Kallor. Jacuruku. Best fantasy series ever. But if you don’t know what I’m taking about you have to read all the other books first.

  9. I would LOVE the chimes at midnight. I am not sure I can wait. And with INDEXED not available for Nook readers I am seriously jonesing for new Seanan McGuire.

    Plus, she incorporates Shakespeare so awesomely.

    thank you

  10. Spine design:

    Kind of a disappointing stack as far as interesting spines. But a very high proportion of useful spines. I can actually read titles and authors. I’d like both, but the latter is more important.

    First: No winner.
    Second, tie: Love Minus Eighty (Really interesting cover; overall winner.), Reviver (Really awful cover.)
    Third: Pretty much everything else in a tie.

    Big Loser: none

  11. Having just gotten onto a professionally generated historical fantasy kick, I’m kind of interested in The Last Full Measure. Someone else no doubt will get the McGuire before me. I want to see another in her Cryptid urban fantasy series. Thanks for the previews.

  12. Wrath-Bearing Tree is quite good, all kinds of weird, and is better than A Guile of Dragons, the previous volume in the trilogy (which is itself a prequel to the wonderfully bizarre sword-and-sorcery Morlock Ambrosius series).

  13. Well, I like A Game of Thrones, but was kinda underwhelmed by the TV show, so I’m torn on whether I’m interested in the GN.

  14. 23 Years on Fire. The one I recall had the poor fucker on fire for thousands of years.
    His being fire was quite the economic boom for some villages.
    His girlfriend was ice.

    OOHH! Jocelynn Drake!
    Why am I feeling: OOHH! ’bout it?
    Okay, awesome. I hope it’s a new one.

    Shawn Ann Mcguire Climes at Midnight doesn’t parse

  15. Seanan McGuire can do no wrong, so I’d snatch her book out of that pile in a heartbeat!

  16. I was thrilled when I learned earlier this week that there’s a new Cassandra Kresnov novel (23 Years on Fire by Joel Shepherd) so it’s great to see one in the wild already.

  17. I need to pick up that second half of the GoT graphic novel to go with my recently completed first volume. Great artwork for a great story and adapted well by Daniel Abraham.

  18. Whoa, you have CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT!!! You are so lucky right now. I seriously LOVE the October Daye series!

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