Me (and Other SF/F Authors) at ALA in Chicago

I don’t have it listed on my tour schedule, on account that it’s not open to the general public, but: If you happen to be going to the American Library Association conference in Chicago at the end of June, I will be there and will be doing a ton of events. Seriously, I’m all over this thing. has been kind enough to compile my schedule and the schedule of several other Tor authors (including Cory Doctorow and Elizabeth Bear) into a single handy document right here. Go and check it out. And if you are coming, I look forward to seeing you there!

14 Comments on “Me (and Other SF/F Authors) at ALA in Chicago”

  1. I will be attending the ALA conference – it is a great conference. Are you scheduled for any book signings at the Tor booth?

  2. For those of us who cannot attend but are dying of curiosity – what titles are you considering for your “Quirky Books” presentation? Can we offer suggestions?

  3. Argh!! My wife was going to this. Then we scheduled a cruise. Now I may attempt to convince her to go to the ALA conference while I tweet pictures of the Mediterranean to her. I think she’ll go for that. Maybe.

  4. Woo!!! Just when I thought I missed another book tour. My daughter and I are tagging along with my wife to Chicago this year. I love going to ALA conferences.

  5. ALA conferences are thoroughly neat—I’ve been to two and urge anyone with an interest in libraries to attend if at all possible. Even if you can only go for the exhibits (like I did last year), it’s a gas. Free books! Demonstrations of databases! Miles and miles of walking! Sore feet!

  6. Crap! Why did I choose to skip ALA this year? Well, have fun! Librarians are more fun to hang out with than anybody thinks!

  7. Is there any chance of you doing a signing outside of the conference? I imagine if you had one lined up you would have listed it already, but thought I’d ask. Just finished The Human Division and really enjoyed!

  8. Add me to the list of those looking forward to seeing you at ALA. I may have squee’d audibly when I saw you listed in the scheduler.

  9. On behalf of the bookslinger contingent of the Library Family Feud event, it’s going to be a real honor to see you and your team go down in flames.
    Better bring your A game, Scalzi.

  10. I just saw that you’re the guest at the Movers and Shakers luncheon, and I screamed about it on the internet. I apologize in advance for not being coherent when I introduce myself.

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