Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 2

Continuing my efforts to catch up on the books that have come in while I was on tour (and since), here’s the second edition of what books/ARCs have come in recently. At least one more is coming! But in the meantime, let me know if there’s something here that catches your fancy. I’m sure something must.

38 Comments on “Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 2”

  1. Without other info, I would pick up Parasite, Beautiful Stranger, and Heaven’s Fall to read the back, flip through, etc.

  2. The Mira Grant. Unlike the last stack, I won’t need to catch up on a bunch of Seanan’s other books first.

  3. Mmmm, Janni Lee Simner’s Faerie After. Her Bones of Faerie was brilliant (“I had a sister once.”) and sequel Faerie Winter was also excellent, so I have high hopes.

  4. War Maids Choice was, so so. Weber’s more recent books aren’t as good as some of his older stuff.

  5. Spine design:

    Twice in a row with a very high proportion of useful spines! A couple of these are interesting also. The Baen titles are a bit pedestrian but fully meet minimum threshold for usefulness so I can’t knock them much.

    First: A Gathering of Wings (Not a fan of the cover though.)
    Second, tie: Beautiful Stranger (interesting cover), A Private Little War
    Third: Parasite (interesting cover)

    Honorable Mention for effort: Faerie After

    Loser in the stack: Heaven’s Fall

  6. Elfhome and Parasite! (Elfhome? Really? That’s quite some catching up you’re doing!)

  7. Parasite! Man, I can’t wait for that one! Seanan-as-Mira can make me laugh, cry, want to carry a machete and bathe in Purell all in the same chapter :-)

  8. Elfhome
    Ride The Star Winds
    The War Maid’s Choice.

    Ok, so 4 more for the to get list… Crows… I’m not going to catch up w/out knocking over at least a medium sized bank… =sighs=

  9. It’s so nice to see A. Bertram Chandler coming back into print. I’m not sure I want to re-read his entire body of work at this point (it’s freaking huge), but I should really pick up a couple and find out.

  10. A new Mira Grant series! Squeee! Seanan can only get better. I look forward to seeing if this one is a tighter story. I already KNOW it will be just as entertaining.

  11. Oooh, David Weber. Don’t care what series it’s in, GIMME! I love his stuff…

  12. Having read the brief synopsis and excerpt at the Tor site, and knowing nothing else about the novel or its author, I don’t understand why A Private Little War had to be given the title of a Star Trek episode, one distinguished by its downbeat unresolved conclusion (and by a guy in a mugatu costume). Was this the author’s title or Tor’s? Was no other possible title as good? It just seems a weird choice because many potential buyers will have heard of the episode if not seen it themselves.

  13. The Beaulieu book looks good. Ive heard good things about it. But just out of curiosity, these piles of books grow immense and you could probably build a summer home from them, and I’m curious as to how many of these you get through. Not that you slight any of the people who send you books Im just curious, per something I read in an essay, about how the writing life cuts into the reading life. Some writers on their blogs write about how books fuel their creativity but limit their time to write. Others are completely truthful and say they no longer have time to read as much as they once did due to the demands of full time writing. Where do you stand on this sir? Just curious as to how the writing life and the reading life intersect. (Sorry this wasn’t better worded).

  14. You have Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire, Parasite by Mira Grant AND you get all the Subterranean Press books ahead of us for free?! I weep with envy, sir. I weep. Read them well.

  15. Went through a load of A Bertram Chandler books in the early 80’s (borrowed from local library when it was my favourite haunt). Hopefully the release of ‘Ride the Star Winds’ will lead to more of his work being republished.

  16. i really love these posts. i get exposed to new books that i wouldn’t otherwise hear of. never heard of the john grimes saga before today so might try the first omnibus by chandler.

  17. Parasite, of course.

    I wonder if re-reading A. Bertram Chandler would work for me? I’ve… aged out of… some things I used to love (though others, well, not. Guilty pleasures include H. Rider Haggard, Doc Smith space operas…)

  18. Oh oh!! David Weber has a new Bahzell novel? (I don’t know what else to call that series. Wargod?) I’m assuming that’s what that one is, without seeing the cover. I love that series! :) Sweet!

  19. Gotta go with the new Mira Grant book. I really dug the hell out of her Newsflesh Trilogy!