Nexus 10 at the Scalzi Compound

Given all the Apple-related stuff going on at the moment, today is an ironic day to note that through the thoughtful gift of a friend, I came into possession of a Nexus 10 tablet, and that it turns out I like it quite a bit. One, it’s got a hell of a screen resolution (something like 2560×1600, which comes out to 300 ppi). Two, it’s light (or at least feels light), which makes it easier to heave around than my iPad. Three, it’s a nicely capable machine and works well for the things I use tablets for (reading, some light e-mail responding). Four, Android is in many ways a better OS for portable computing than iOS (at least, so far; I have not played with iOS7 yet). In all, pretty nifty.

Drawbacks? The same as come with the iPad, basically, which is that at the end of the day tablets are still geared toward consumption, not creation, and a lot of the creation tools I need and/or are comfortable with are either unavailable on tablets or are cut down, featurewise. Which means I still need a laptop, even if the laptop I have likes to parade around as an ersatz tablet from time to time. Also, specifically with the Nexus 10, there are a couple of apps I like to use which are not available for it at the moment, which is a little confusing to me because it’s straight Google Android implementation, but, whatever, they usually catch up pretty easily. Aaaand, that’s about it, as far as I can tell.

So: Neat tablet, and if you’re in the market for a 10-incher, a pretty good choice as far as I can see, particularly if you are allergic to Apples.

Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 3

Still catching up on books and ARCs that came in when I was on tour (and some that have come in since). I’ll note for the record, however, that I actually bought Scatter, Adapt and Remember because Annalee Newitz is a pal and also it looks really good even if it uses the Oxford comma in the title WTF.

What here looks good to you? Let me know in the comments.

Participate In and/or Donate To the Clarion 2013 Write-a-Thon

Clarion, the workshop for aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers, is in the middle of soliciting writers to participate in its annual Write-a-Thon fundraiser. Could one of those writers be you? Yes it could! Could you also pledge to support a writer participating in the Write-a-Thon? Yes you can! Will you be supporting an excellent organization that helps put the next generation of science fiction and fantasy writers on the path to publication, ensuring that you have more excellent reading material in the future? Yes you will! Seriously, this is all good. Check it out, and join in.