Participate In and/or Donate To the Clarion 2013 Write-a-Thon

Clarion, the workshop for aspiring science fiction and fantasy writers, is in the middle of soliciting writers to participate in its annual Write-a-Thon fundraiser. Could one of those writers be you? Yes it could! Could you also pledge to support a writer participating in the Write-a-Thon? Yes you can! Will you be supporting an excellent organization that helps put the next generation of science fiction and fantasy writers on the path to publication, ensuring that you have more excellent reading material in the future? Yes you will! Seriously, this is all good. Check it out, and join in.

2 Comments on “Participate In and/or Donate To the Clarion 2013 Write-a-Thon”

  1. I signed up for this earlier this morning. Why? In order to force myself to start writing. Something this public will either get me writing again or else I’ll slink off into the shadows. I’m scared. Like jumping into the deep end after having only waded before. I will state for the record that I can’t guarantee literature. I’ll settle for entertaining. But simply producing words in a row is my minimum goal. Now who else is jumping in?

  2. I ‘woke up’ the other morning totally certain that I just _Had_ to scribe the
    dream I’d just had. Very frustrating that I couldn’t remember it because I
    /knew/ it would be a best seller. [snipt: sarky about some contracts ’cause
    I’m to lazy to get close enough to adequate on ‘the screw them for that!’]

    A dream that I “do” remember started as a blur of static that changed to
    music and a male voice singing: ”
    A rip cord pull will tear me from you
    And I’ll be Accident at Bell Flower and Main Street has traffic at a stand
    Maybe I should switch my clock radio to that horrible Gronk Gronk noise.

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