Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 4

And with this picture, I am caught up on the books and ARCs that came in while I was on tour (plus there are some here that have arrived since). How nice to be current!

Anything here you wish to own/read/devour/make part of your worldview? Tell us all in the comments.

32 Comments on “Catching Up on Books and ARCs, Part 4”

  1. Would that Kill City Blues were out this week, when I could basically tell everybody “Go away, I’m exercising my Father’s Day prerogative to sit around and read all day.”

  2. Same for me. I’m jonesing for the release of Kill City Blues. Color me green.

  3. Is that a reprint of the Man-Kzin Wars? Or is there new material I’m unaware of… off to the Googles!

  4. Just wanted to say “Man-Kzin Wars”! Hey, I read that! Whooo hoo! And, do you really get time to read all these books you show us, or is it an “as and when” kind of deal?

  5. I can’t read the whole title, but I’m pretty sure I’d pick up anything that starts “The Guiding Nose of…”
    Also the Zahn.

  6. New Kadrey! And new Kim Stanley Robinson! Mind you, I still haven’t managed to read 2312 …

  7. Oh, hey, a new Cobra book from Zahn! The problem there is I last read any of those about twenty years ago, and they were borrowed, so I’ll be starting from scratch again.

    Man-Kzin brings back some good memories (and Niven’s original entry in the series is still one of my top-ten favorite SFF short stories), but I’m not sure the shared-world thing rises to the level of “must-read” for me.

    And since I’m here commenting anyway, I recently read _The Human Division_, and while I would like to make a clever comment, I will instead stick to the straightforward: I enjoyed it; I felt it nailed what you are best at. Thank you for writing it. Please make all haste, commensurate with quality, in producing the next installment.

  8. That Kill City Blues started me on the most feverish book hunt I think I’ve ever been on. I hadn’t heard of Sandman Slim earlier, but I want it now. So much that I almost downloaded the ebook, but was able to resist.

  9. Wow. Very impressive piles of ARCs. How do you find time to read all that, write your own stuff, hang out with your family, and play with your menagerie? Are there secretly at least two other John Scalzis we readers don’t know about?

  10. The Man-Kzin Wars series is a bit uneven, as is any shared universe, but a lot of heavy hitters have contributed: Poul Anderson, Jerry Pournelle, Greg Benford (even if Word of God is that A Darker Geometry isn’t canon. Still good stuff.)

  11. Quoting Amazon re The Man-Kzin Wars: “Here is the 25th anniversary edition of the original volume that started it all. Includes an all‑new introduction by Larry Niven for this re‑issue of the first volume in a series that now numbers fourteen volumes and is still going strong.”

    So there’s that……

  12. The Robinson would be my pick. I’m now curious about Kill City Blues, though. I’ve just come to the devastating realization that I won’t be able to read everything I want to before I die even if nothing is published from here on out that I want.

  13. My review of Kadry’s ‘Sandman Slip’ said something like “this book could not have gotten my attention more if it swaggered across my desk, grabbed my lapels, and kicked my ass.” Kadry, yes, yes.

  14. The Blood Gospel is a fun modern take on vampires based on Christian mythology. Kind of like Dan Brown meets Suzanne Brockmann as authors go. James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell do a great job of mixing action with emotion, and developing the male and female characters equally well. Wish Rollins would return to the fantasy series he’s writing as James Clemens, though. Really love the characters and world building in the Godslayer Chronicles.

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