Dayton: See Me Thursday, 7pm, Books & Co in Beavercreek! Plus: Chinese Books

First things first: Hey, Dayton and the surrounding area, why not come see me at Books & Co at the Greene in Beavercreek tomorrow at 7pm? Why not bring the kids? And the parents? And the neighbors? And their pets? Especially if they are ferrets? Because I love me some ferrets, man. There’s nothing I enjoy more than doing a reading positively covered in ferrets. It’s, like, a bucket list sort of thing. So bring everyone and their ferrets! And if you don’t have a ferret, well, that’s okay. Come see me read and answer questions and sign books anyway. I don’t judge.

Second: Below, for your pleasure, the Chinese versions of both Old Man’s War and Fuzzy Nation:

Fun fact: That’s actually the second Chinese edition of Old Man’s War; the first version had a rather, uh, more somber cover. It’s a new publisher who’s also changed the title. Well, I hope it works for them.

I like the Fuzzy Nation cover, however, especially because I discovered this is actually the slipcover art; underneath the slipcover is this book cover art:

Yeah, that’s really kind of cool. Well done, Chinese publisher! More of this, please.

9 Comments on “Dayton: See Me Thursday, 7pm, Books & Co in Beavercreek! Plus: Chinese Books”

  1. Hmmm. Something about ferrets. Just lsat night, one of my FB friends who also lives in my neighborhood said their ferret was missing and to be on the lookout. Today the post read: The ferret is home! Neighbors found it, thought it was a baby possum (lol) and put it in the woods. It came back to another neighbors back porch! Thanks to everyone who helped search!

  2. That Old Man’s War cover looks like it’s a tie-in novel for Monsters University.

  3. I hope LucasFilms is not litigious, ’cause one of those dudes in the OMW cover looks just like Boba Fett.

  4. Should be at Books and Co. if my homestead doesn’t blow away tonight. Or my car, come to think of it. Your B & C visits are becoming like a regular rite of the beginning of summer.

    My mom may be along as well. No kids, though–one daughter is at Hueston Woods for the week for “summer gym” (gets her out of her phys ed credit requirement for next year so she can pick up another elective instead), while the other daughter can’t bear to go to book stores when she has no money.

  5. @scorpius, actually when translated back into English, the Chinese name of Fuzzy Nation used here is something like “Planet of the furries”.

  6. Nicely done at the Books & Co. appearance last night, John. It was a good time.

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