Me, June 14, 2013

Serious author is serious. Seriously!

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  1. So we’re not supposed to even wonder if you’re wearing Spider-Man footy-jammie bottoms, knee high lace up sneakers, and an acrylic-bathmat breechclout? Because we can’t wonder about that seriously.

  2. The hair is too perfect to really be John. I’m thinking it some kind of mask he’s using to fake out the Enterprise like Balok did in The Corbomite Maneuver.

  3. Oh, no, you’ve switched genres. You’ll be righting about “a middle-aged suburban couple whose marriage deteriorates after the death of their young son” now.

  4. Serious face? No. This is the face of Louis XVI when torches and pitchforks were coming. I’m thinking that the crown of SFWA President is weighing heavy upon your head right now. Is it my refresh rate on my monitor, or is John’s lip about to quiver?

    John, your daughter can do a much better serious face than you can.

  5. He is seriously trying to look serious. Failing, but seriously trying. Confess, Scalzi, three seconds after you took that you were laughing.

  6. Donna Leonard – Southern California – I like to write, read, knit, crochet, watch movies, watch way too much television, listen to music and play Drawsomething 2 somewhat obsessively, not necessarily in that order. You can find my irregular blog at: 3 kids: Twenty-three-year-old boy/girl twins, and a thirteen-year-old girl. 3 cats: fourteen-year-old female, three-year-old female, and a two-year-old male
    Donna Leonard

    Did someone take the last Coke Zero?

  7. Shawn – Ohio, USA – Early to bed, early or whirlybird or something. Bored now, bye. Don't step on any Lego's 'cause it _Hurts_!
    Shawn T

    Still jealous about how much less forehead you have than I do.

    My best eyeglass lenses Eh-Vuh! had a really fantastic non stick coating and
    an absolutely awesome non reflective coating.
    The non stick coating: Touching the lens with my finger tip did not transfer oils
    to the them if my hands were reasonably clean. (Lenses licked by someone who
    was perhaps a trifle annoyed at me did leave a residue).
    The non reflective coating: Those lenses just weren’t there.
    But Alas, each year I a get a year older and had to replace them.

  8. I’m sorry, I only see you in this picture. Was there supposed to be someone behind you?

    Seriously? :P

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