Back Home From Cleveland

Where a lovely crowd of folks helped me end my Human Division touring on a high note. Thank you, Cleveland.

Today is Father’s Day, which is nice, but more importantly it’s the 20th anniversary of my first date with Krissy. For those of you who have not read it, I wrote a column about that first date three years ago. For those of you have, here’s a nice acoustic version of the first song Krissy and I ever danced to. Skip to the one minute mark for the actual song (it ends at the four minute mark).

Happy Sunday, wherever you are.  

8 Comments on “Back Home From Cleveland”

  1. Happy Father’s Day to you, sir–and all other sirs so defined!

    Read the piece on your 1st date and enjoyed it. Just so you know how crazy you two are, my wife and I took 4 years of living together before we got married. Albeit this would be my 2nd marriage, still it was funny. First, I said ‘no way’ to marriage(due to the experiences of the first failed attempt), then about 2 years into the relationship she replied to my marital suggestion with similar decline. And next year it’ll be 20 years together. 24 if you include the 4 of living together.

  2. Thanks very much for coming out. I’m really glad I managed to make it in time to catch you. Looking forward to reading the extra material on my plane ride home.

  3. I’m a bit disappointed that you have not provided a picture of the cats, the dog, and Athena’s horse, so they could supply the feline, canine and equine input into this whole mate choosing business.

    On the other hand, it’s excellent evidence that you are not crazy…

  4. My dad went to see you! (He’s the Irish Santa looking gentleman who asked about the broad definition of geekdom, which prompted a conversation between the two of us about the origin of the word “geek,” i.e., chicken-head-biting at county fairs.) He said you were very entertaining and that he enjoyed your talk. So, thanks, Scalzi!

  5. “Thanks very much for coming out.”

    Definitely. It’s a brave decision, and can only advance the cause of human rights a–

    Wait a minute . . .

  6. Congrats to you both. And thank you for the video, which is a terrific intro to a new-to-me band. I’ll be youtube stalking them now. Ahem.

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