The Results of the Carl Brandon Society Pledge Matching

The Carl Brandon Society has released a statement on donations made on June 13th and 14th, which you may read here. The short version of it is that on those days, the society received:

* Over $8,200 for its general fund;

* Over $5,000 for its Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship;

* Over $3,600 for the Con or Bust initiative (which I did not pledge match for here, but which I wholeheartedly support, so, w00t!).

So, all told, around $16,900 raised for the Carl Brandon Society and the programs it supports in a couple of days. Those donations will now go to help an organization whose mission is “to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the production of and audience for speculative fiction.” It’s a good goal, and (obviously) one I support.

Thanks to everyone who donated on the 13th and 14th. And if you didn’t donate on those days, but still want to, then of course you still can, and should.



16 Comments on “The Results of the Carl Brandon Society Pledge Matching”

  1. I am in the middle of a stressful (not bad, just lots to do) week cause I work weekends, but this just made my day so much. Seriously, restoring my faith in humanity (cliche, but oh so true today)

  2. Another $8.01 added, late because my internet was down. This response pleases me immensely.

  3. Good! I inferred at the time that there was some kind of Drama underlying it, and very nearly went researching it… then I decided that I’d been on the Internet long enough to be able to fill in the tiresome details myself, and that I’d rather not know and just go with the idea that it was a spontaneous outpouring of support for diversity in fandom. Which I happen to support liek woah.

  4. I’m thrilled at the success of the fundraiser, for absolutely no reason whatsoever!

  5. Yay!!!

    I confess that I wonder what goes through the mind of the person possessing absolutely no reason whatsoever upon news like this. Judging by the results of the experiment so far, this technique does not stop the trollish behavior, but the side-effect is so lovely that it’s still an excellent thing to do.

  6. Congratulations on making something wonderful from a steaming pile of crap!

  7. As a longtime member of The Carl Brandon Society I am more delighted than words can express!

  8. This is beautiful. A pity I missed the past few fundraiser drives proper, but I can probably scrape up a few bucks of allowance money to donate someplace. And if I can donate it in the name of absolutely nobody at all, so much the better.

    Mr. Scalzi, you are a genius. Nothing less.

    One of at least two rabid fans of yours who are both younger than your marriage (and so probably shouldn’t be reading your books, but what the hell–you are an inspiration, and once I pick up one of your books, I can’t put it down until I’ve finished it at least twice).

  9. Well, I was too late to join in on 13th, but better late than never, so add another $8.01 to the total – and I have some more reading material, which has to be a good thing!

  10. @Andrew: It’s the minimum amount required to receive a copy of the limited-edition ebook Bloodchildren, which anthologizes short stories by past OEBMS recipients.

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