Audio Interviews With Me

Because I know you want to have me in your ear at all times, just like Jiminy Cricket, here are two audio interviews with me. First one is from WYSO’s Book Nook program, with Vick Mickunas. That’s about a half-hour. Then there’s this one from Dungeon Crawler’s Radio, which I did just last night, and I think that one’s about an hour. The interviews have some overlap in which I talk about The Human Division, but there’s other stuff in there too. Have fun with them.

Jane Yolen Goes eBook-ish

This isn’t quite exactly a Big Idea post, more of a “Hey I think Jane Yolen is awesome so there” post: She’s releasing four of her adult-oriented books electronically today, including the novel Cards of Grief, and asked if she might borrow Whatever to talk a little bit about them. Well, sure, because Jane Yolen.

Oldest Living Luddite Recants

by Jane Yolen

Yes, I am the world’s oldest living SF writing luddite, you know, those folks who use to break up machines because such automatons violated God’s laws.

Yes, cell phones and computers have been known to die as I walk by.

Yes, I was married for 44 years (till his death) to a man who was an early Fortran programmer and later on tenured professor and even later on Chair of the University of Massachusetts Computer Science department. He loved me anyway. Or at least forgave me my shortcomings.

And no, I don’t own a kindle, or any of its kin.

So why are the first of my old out-of-print books being rolled out in e-book formats, bright and shiny from Open Roads Media for everyone else to be able to read but me? Four of them–Cards of Grief–my very first sf novel–and three short story collections: Dragonfield, Merlin’s Booke, and Sister Emily’s Lightship (the last contains my two Nebula-award short stories.)

Why indeed. Well, I may be electronically challenged, and have so far been incapable of using a GPS or a VCR or anything that is named in capital letters, but I ain’t stupid. If there’s a reader out there who only reads online or in ciphers, I want them to be reading my books.

And maybe, just maybe,if I am lucky and the stars align, they will love me almost as much as my darling late husband did. Or at least forgive me my shortcomings.

Written on a MacBook Air, so sue me!