Daily Archives: June 20, 2013

For Future Reference: SnailQuake Art

The SyFy Channel announced today that it would be releasing a film called Sharknado, about, yes, a tornado filled with sharks. Naturally enough, I had a comment about that on Twitter: Sharknado. SHARKNADO, PEOPLE. @syfy is officially trying to bring about THE END OF DAYS. http://t.co/Nb6W9l7UPY — John Scalzi (@scalzi) June 20, 2013 AND YET […]

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The Big Idea: Ramsey Hootman

Writer Ramsey Hootman grew up loving one literary genre but writing in an entirely different one for her debut novel Courting Greta. But don’t think that doesn’t mean her first literary love wasn’t an influence anyway. She’s here to explain how it was. RAMSEY HOOTMAN: I first read The Martian Chronicles at age 12. This […]

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