Enjoying It While It Lasts

Although the cats don’t know it, they are on a clock; in about 24 hours, those chairs are to be carted off and replaced with a couch, around which my wife will then redecorate the front room. This may be of some consternation to Ghlaghghee and Zeus, both of whom enjoy the chairs and indeed have their particular ones to sleep in (she prefers the southerly one, while Zeus is partial to the northerly one), but inasmuch as a) their lives are pretty sweet in a general sense, b) both of them have several other favorite sleeping places in the house, I think they may be able to get over this particular disruption. It remains to be seen in either or both will take to the new couch (or whether Krissy will let them).

As for the recliners, they’ve more than earned their keep. My wife bought them from Big Lots eight years ago for something like $100 each; they were ridiculously cheaply made (we suspect that stiffened cardboard was an element of their construction), but they were also pretty darn comfortable, and held up surprisingly well. I am assuming they are off to charity; they’re still usable and nice to sit on. Hopefully whoever buys them will not have a cat allergy. I think cat fur is part of the chairs’ DNA at this point.