The New, Somewhat Ridiculous Chair

I noted yesterday that the old recliners in the front room were being taken out to make space for new furniture. Here’s one piece of that furniture: A new recliner whose proportions seem better suited for Andre the Giant than me. Seriously, I look even more like a hobbit in this thing than I usually do. On the other hand, it really is pretty damn comfortable and I can already tell that I’ll be happy to sit in it and type away when I need a break from my office (I’m sitting in it right now as I’m typing this).

The chair is accompanied by a sofa of similar ridiculous size and reclination (not pictured) and a coffee table and two end tables (one of which is shown here). Krissy bought the set while I was away on tour, which I suppose puts me on notice that when I go away for three weeks at a stretch, I should not be entirely surprised if this is how she decides to keep herself occupied. Fair enough.

My Brain is Mush at the Moment, So Here’s Another Totally Awesome SNAILQUAKE Poster For You

This one by Natalie Metzger, and you can see it in even more awesomeness at her site here.

I like it when my silliness inspires further silliness. Especially on a day when my brain is all, like, “go on without me.” This is fun stuff.