My Brain is Mush at the Moment, So Here’s Another Totally Awesome SNAILQUAKE Poster For You

This one by Natalie Metzger, and you can see it in even more awesomeness at her site here.

I like it when my silliness inspires further silliness. Especially on a day when my brain is all, like, “go on without me.” This is fun stuff.

15 Comments on “My Brain is Mush at the Moment, So Here’s Another Totally Awesome SNAILQUAKE Poster For You”

  1. That looks like poster for a sequel. I hope the writers stay true to the spirit of the original.

  2. So, how far do y’all think some writer at SyFy is on the script by now? I’m going with “first rough” complete.

    Also, cast speculations, who will play what role.

  3. With the release of “Turbo” coming up they should want to jump on this bandwagon asap.

  4. @uldihaa – gee, casting? Hasn’t everybody pretty much decided this should star Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day?

    Maybe we could also get Nathan Fillion and John Barrowman to cameo as a team of Government enforcers….

  5. Man, I know what those days are like. Some days there’s a reason and some days it’s random. Have fun staring off into space and try not to drool on yourself too much!

  6. Nate Fillion and John Barrowman as G-men (brilliant choice, timeliebe), out to capture and weaponize the snails, while Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day (also excellent ‘of course’ casting there) are out to save the planet from the snails.

    Of course, we need someone to have embiggened the snails in the first place, assuming they’re giant snails, and they must be giant snails so that their teeth can actually do some damage. Hmmm. Know anyone able to carry off an over-the-top evil scientist who only wants to rule the world and make things make sense at last? Paging NPH. NPH, please answer the courtesy phone.

  7. A loooong time ago I did a bunch of Bad Ideas in Mecha Design drawings which included MechaSNAIL. I don’t even know what the odds are that I found it (or the fanzine which published it) the day before you posted this. XD

  8. With that casting, this is shaping up to become Dr HorrIIIble: Rise of the GASTROPODS!!

  9. Saw a big photo book of snails today for seventy-five cents. Thought about sending it along, but decided that we all had learned something from the black velvet Wil Wheaton painting episode.

  10. John please forgive me if I missed something along the way but don’t you still have 2 ARC books to award to some lucky person. Granted it’s been a LONG time, as a matter of fact it started as a ARC of Human Division but then I’m pretty sure you added another. I’m sorry but I can’t remember which one it was. Sorry if I’m mistaken I’m just a little excited. Especially since 1) I actually made an entry and 2) I’ve NEVER won anything in my life. I am sure I have read every blog post (twice) and cannot recall you mentioning who won. . Now I realize you do not have to give these books away, nor do I mean to be presumptuous by mentioning it.I really do apologize if I’m incorrect, or for bringing it up if circumstances have changed. Please keep writing and enjoy your summer.

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