Zeus Tries Out the New Recliner

And his expression of “what?” does seem to suggest that he believes he has full, rightful claim to it. For the moment, Zeus. For the moment.

For those of you who have been asking what kind of recliner this is, here’s a listing for it. I would note that Krissy says she got a rather better price for it than the one listed here, and knowing Krissy, I believe that entirely.

28 Comments on “Zeus Tries Out the New Recliner”

  1. He does seem to appreciate his new chair. And I think you’re confused, when you sit in that chair, it’s temporary control of his chair. He’s a cat, everything belongs to him.

  2. We have two female cats. When I leave my chair, no matter where they are,they know and they are in it before I can blink an eye. I get those looks if I even think to want my place back.

  3. I’m curious–what sort of material is it? The listing says “polyester”, but that doesn’t help me much. Is it microfiber? Corduroy? Faux suede? It’s hard to tell from the picture (at least for me). Regardless of the material, it certainly looks very comfortable. Good luck getting it back from Zeus! :-)

  4. Room for both Zeus and Ghlaghghee in that chair without reasons for squabbling.

    And you thought it would remain “your” chair. Just how long have you lived with cats?

  5. He does have full rightful claim to the chair. If some oversized two-legged opposable-thumbed bully removes him from it, that will leave a hole in the moral fabric of the universe; but it won’t change what’s right. It’s disappointing to see a former phil major conflating “is” and “ought” like that.

    BTW, re the redesign, it’s really nice to have a preview button but design-wise it doesn’t fit at all. Could it easily be redesigned to look like the “Post Comment” button?

  6. There is actually quite enough room for both of you in that chair. Zeus might have to tuck in his tail a tad, but it would work. Hell, you and Daisy could fit in that thing!

  7. I’m still waiting to hear about the epic battle between the cats as they determine the new furniture pecking order.

    And if anyone thinks Zeus would actually stoop to share his chair with one of the annoying pink two-legs, hahahahahaha…

  8. Well, you DID say it was big enough for Andre the Giant. I’m sure Zeus won’t mind too much to share it with you.

  9. Of course it’s his. Do you know how hard he’s going to have to work to get that properly cat-furred? Even if The Radiant She helps with that project. Which she will. They might have to time-share or split the territory vertically, but it will happen.

  10. There’s a picture from my childhood of my mother napping on the floor because our (many) collies were napping on all the furniture and declined to move.

  11. Oddly enough it looks to fit Zues better than you, for only an ego the size of a cat’s could fill that mini-sofa.

  12. Well, now that I’ve seen you in person I’m fairly confident in making this statement: Zeus is a big cat. At least from that angle.

  13. Brian James Freeman – Brian James Freeman is author of Walking With Ghosts, The Painted Darkness, Black Fire, Blue November Storms, More Than Midnight, Weak & Wounded, Dreamlike States, and The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (with Bev Vincent), along with many short stories and many essays. He is also the founder of Lividian Publications.
    Brian James Freeman

    That does look like a very nice cat bed!

  14. As far as Zeus is concerned, the new recliner is only big enough for him. A cat always needs tail-stretching room.

  15. you do understand that this means that Ghlaghghee no longer has a chair.

    Seriously, she may do a walkabout. I had two rugs, one belonging to one cat, the other to the other, submissive cat. I switched them out for one rug, bigger than both. No matter — the dominant cat took the one rug, and the other disappeared for four days while he tried to find a better house in the neighborhood.

    I put up “lost cat” signs around the neighborhood but didn’t get a call.

    I still think he actually found someone to take him in, because he came back four days later no worse for wear (and this is a cat who can’t hunt worth a damn) and reconciled himself to not having a rug.

    Cats don’t share.

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