Announcement: July To Be (Mostly) Vacation Month

The headline basically gets the gist of it: I plan to have a very light schedule of posting here at Whatever in July — “very light” meaning anything from “maybe once a day” to “not at all for most of the whole damn month.” I’m being vague because I haven’t entirely figured out what I want to do yet other than generally feeling that a summer vacation would be lovely.

I’m telling you now for two reasons: One, it’s a way to commit myself to taking a break of some variety. Two, it’s so that if I don’t post on a daily basis in July, you don’t worry and ask me if I’ve fallen down a well or am rage quitting the Internet or whatever. I’m fine, folks. Just been busy enough recently that I want to take a break and relax.

(Please note this is not your cue to volunteer to guest blog. If I want guest bloggers, I’ll ask for them, almost certainly privately. Thanks, though.)

In any event: Head’s up! It’s going to be a mellow July around here. You have a week or so to prepare. I think you’ll be fine. I really do.

My Brain is Apparently Taking a Vacation Day

And I’m not going to argue with it about the fact.

So, to keep you amused, a question for you to answer and discuss in the comment thread:

Name a favorite “deep cut” from a band you like. A “deep cut” meaning a track that was never a single or radio/video hit and wouldn’t generally be known to people who are not already huge fans of that particular band.

This is in my head today because earlier in the morning I was discussing this particular track from Electric Light Orchestra, which is apparently obscure enough at the moment that you can’t even find chords for it online, which is pretty weird for a band as well-known as ELO was in its day. Nevertheless:

So that’s my deep cut for the day. What’s yours? If you want to include a link to it (youtube or elsewhere) in your comment, that would be groovy. Rickrolls will, of course, be looked askance upon. Dig deep!