Announcement: July To Be (Mostly) Vacation Month

The headline basically gets the gist of it: I plan to have a very light schedule of posting here at Whatever in July — “very light” meaning anything from “maybe once a day” to “not at all for most of the whole damn month.” I’m being vague because I haven’t entirely figured out what I want to do yet other than generally feeling that a summer vacation would be lovely.

I’m telling you now for two reasons: One, it’s a way to commit myself to taking a break of some variety. Two, it’s so that if I don’t post on a daily basis in July, you don’t worry and ask me if I’ve fallen down a well or am rage quitting the Internet or whatever. I’m fine, folks. Just been busy enough recently that I want to take a break and relax.

(Please note this is not your cue to volunteer to guest blog. If I want guest bloggers, I’ll ask for them, almost certainly privately. Thanks, though.)

In any event: Head’s up! It’s going to be a mellow July around here. You have a week or so to prepare. I think you’ll be fine. I really do.

15 Comments on “Announcement: July To Be (Mostly) Vacation Month”

  1. I was expecting you to announce a vacation a few days after you got back from the book tour, frankly. You’ve been rather busy the last few years with The Human Division and it’s release, the book tour, convention appearances, and SFWA stuff. Seriously, you need a break. Enjoy summer, someone has to. (it’s not my preferred season at all)

  2. you could put surveillance cameras around your house. Post the feed to your website and get people to do security for you. If they see a suspicious intruder they can call the police. Could be nice when you are on vacation.

    Or a camera in your office. Then you could put advertising on it. When you want privacy move the camera to point to your cats. Whatever TV. Isn’t there a type of coke you keep telling people you like? Might be able to get some advertising revenues.

  3. It doesn’t matter what you announce in advance — any day that you fail to post something by 10am is a day that some well-meaning putz will demand to know what happened to you.

    In any event, enjoy your vacation! :-)

  4. Damn that recliner….actually,never mind. I could use an awesome recliner. Might keep my cat away from me while I’m trying to work on writing. I think the little bugger would follow me to my restaurant if he could.

  5. My favorite vacation quote:

    A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.
    Robert Orben

    also pretty much describes my life until the onset of teenagerhood.

  6. I was thinking you could use a epirb for when you get lost on that recliner. I know how hard it is when all you see is brown as far as the eye can see. We could send out a search and rescue chopper to find you.

  7. I enjoy reading your posts as much as the next person, John. Getting a chance to toss in a reply is a lot of fun too. But, I’m not always ‘here’ either. On my weekends I’m usually off doing other computer things (or xbox things) or playing or reading or whatever.

    You’re very polite trying to explain your impending absence, but really, it’s not necessary. At least not for me. Go, already, and have fun or do whatever you want out there. The internet does not provide food or water or warmth or a beautiful summer day. It does allow us to share and that is a great thing, but there are usually loads of people in real life(I know that might irk some folks), or at least in immediate physical proximity, to share with already. I can think of one fabulous woman, an amazing younger woman, a bunch of cats and a dog you can share with.

    When you come back, you come back. See ya when you do. In the meantime, I have a new cruiser bicycle coming my way Friday, and I can’t wait to check it out on the road.

  8. I’ll be taking a week of vacation in July too. It’ll be the longest break I’ve taken since I took off a month when our son was born almost two years ago. I cashed out six weeks of vacation when I changed jobs in December.

  9. Good luck on the taking a break thing. I always wind up writing something. It’s sort of like breathing. Gotta do it. Even if just a little bit. Not good with the cold turkey thing. But maybe it’ll work for you.

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