Note About Big Idea Pieces for July

I should have posted this earlier, but, hey, I’ve been busy: Since I am taking at least a semi-vacation here in July, with the exception of a July 2nd Big Idea piece (which was scheduled before I decided on a vacation), there will be no Big Idea pieces for July. I’ll pick things up again in August (indeed, I have Big Idea pieces scheduled for August 1st and 2nd already). So if you’ve been waiting to hear back about whether you have a Big Idea slot for July, this is the official news.

Also, and related, I’m thinking of revamping the intake process for Big Idea pieces to a) make it easier for me to post them b) make it at least little more open to work that’s outside the usual confines of “traditional” publishing. I’ll let y’all know about that as it comes along, probably (again) in August. Thanks.

6 Comments on “Note About Big Idea Pieces for July”

  1. No you don’t. It’s your site, do whatever the hell you want. And please enjoy your vacation, even if it’s a staycation. :-)

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