Hanging Out in the Gray City

I’m in Chicago this weekend for the American Library Association conference, where I’ll be doing all number of events. So if you’re a librarian at ALA this weekend and you want to see me, check your ALA schedule to see what I’m up to. Me, I’m just happy to have another excuse to be in Chicago. And yes, I’ve already had deep dish pizza. Even better, my hotel room overlooks a Harold’s Chicken. I may gain 17 pounds before the weekend is over.

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  1. Don’t forget to get a “Cheezborger, Cheezborger, Cheezborger. No Pepsi, Coke. No Fries, Cheeps.”!The original Billy Goat Tavern is under the old Chicago Tribune building (worth seeing by itself).

  2. Just stay away from carbs and you’ll be find… if you can find anything to eat!

  3. Chicago, ugh. I really dislike traveling to that region. I remember visiting the Brazilian consulate to expedite the visa process so I could travel to Brazil on business. It was creepy, for me, to walk the streets downtown. Of course, I avoid any Big city and most large towns when I have the option to do so. Enjoy.

  4. One of my favorite views from the bridge entrance to the new wing of the Art Institute

  5. @Greg Leon Guerrero: If you can, visit NYC in the Spring or Fall and Chicago (if you must) in the summer. Unless you like vacationing in a urinal and an ice-maker, respectively. Me, I get to NYC whenever possible, but Chicago isn’t very interesting once you visit the historic architecture and the mediocre aquarium by that cesspool euphemistically called a lake.

  6. I’m from Chicago and I miss it! Eat some more pizza and some Garrett’s caramel corn for me! :)

  7. You’ll have the opportunity to see Chicago folks at their best and worst today with the Blackhawks parade and rally.

  8. Italian Beef sandwich is the best thing I ever ate in Chicago. I have not been able to find it anywhere else in the US. Its a roast beef sandwich on a hogie and the whole thing is dipped in Au Jus. I went to college in Chicago back in the 1990s and they used to sell them on street corners.

  9. True fact, maybe: people from Chicago (as I am) really only eat deep dish when people are in from out of town. (This holds true for me except for one place — Pequod’s — that I would gladly eat at every day for a week, and then I would die.)

  10. I’m headed up tomorrow to my first time at ALA. Saw you on the list for the sci-fi Sunday lineup in the Big Hall of Cool Stuff and it was icing on my excitement cake.

  11. Scalzi, will you be at the Margaret A. Edwards Late Breakfast Luncheon on Saturday? Tammy’s accepting it and giving a speech….

  12. Sorry – that last comment was supposed to have “late breakfast” struck though, since the “luncheon” is at 11:30 am! On a Saturday….

    Anybody know any good inexpensive places to eat near the convention? My youngest brother and his family is coming down to take Tammy and I out to lunch – and I can’t find anyplace near us that’s not likely to bankrupt them.

  13. ummmmm, Pequod’s Pizza… I live in China, but everytime I return to Chicago I must eat Pequods..

  14. I was recently in Chicago for a few hours (on a bus layover between Memphis and Minneapolis) and I enjoyed what I saw of it. Pleasant walking, at least in June. I’d very much like to go back and see more of it. (And now I know where the red-winged blackbirds go when they leave us!) Enjoy your conference!

  15. AUGH I MISSED YOU IN MY HOME TOWN! I would have totally taken you out for a beer. Especially after the lovely inscription about Churros you left in the Human Division. Love the shot of my hometown. I hope you had a good time!

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