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Oh, Yeah, About That Contest

Hey, wasn’t I meant to do a contest? Why, yes, I was. Did I forget about it? No, I just ran out of time to look at the entries before I went on tour, because of things. Which from your end of things looks exactly like forgetting. Sorry about that. And now that The Human […]

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Presidential Statement on the SFWA Bulletin, June 2, 2013

Below is a note I posted to SFWA members in our private forums this evening. Given the public interest in the topic, I am posting it here as well (it will also be posted on the public-facing SFWA site within a day (update: it’s here)). As with all SFWA-related topics, I am disabling comments here. […]

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Back From Tour Updates and Housekeeping

A few notes and comments about being back home after three straight weeks of travel: * First, a basic housekeeping note: If you tried to send me an e-mail in the last three weeks or so, you got an automated response letting you know that I was probably going to only respond to those e-mails […]

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