The Locus Award at Home

There it is, up there on the shelf, with a bunch of copies of the book itself. Wheee!

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  1. You need more than one copy of your own books on your shelf? I can see having more than one copy on hand as gifts but putting them all on a shelf seems, weird.

  2. Shelves are an easy way to store things that have been taken out of boxes, Scorpius. I will note I have even more copies still in boxes.

  3. I have always to grin when i read about this award as the word “locus” has a special meaning in German (which somewhat contradicts the “award” intention).

  4. Very happy to see the award and the name on it. That said, you would assume a magazine has a graphic designer or two to spiff it up a bit? :)

  5. Well deserved. I think the graphic designer is adhering to the “less is more” philosophy, using white space as a mass to focus attention.

  6. Jeez louise, John. I take some time off for a few days and find all these posts by you–who’s apparently on self-declared vacation. Dude, get out and party. Or nap. Or somfing! Okay, no more nagging from me.

    Having said that, my sincerest congratulations upon your winning the Locus award. The only thing to top that was your speech Krissy gave in your absence. Your dedication of the award to Iain Banks was very generous and thoughtful. You’re a good guy. Take care.

  7. Nice job, Mr. Scalzi! By the way, my moniker is because I was so struck by “Redshirts” that I actually tripped over my cat Deathfang (not his real name–he thinks that he’s a wolf) while reading it on my Kindle. It was a mind-blowing book, and totally worth being late on that paper for.

    As for the Mallet Fodder–what the hell is he doing, TRYING to get banned?

  8. Hearty congratulations, Mr. Scalzi! I’ll have to read Redshirts again, to celebrate!

  9. As a non-writer, I’m kind of curious why you have so many copies of the book at home. Are they like numbered special editions, copies that you have to sell, or something else? Also, congratulations!

  10. This Looks Fun:

    The publisher contractually obliged to give me a certain amount of copies of each book. Most stay in the box, but if I box is opened, the books inside will sometimes get shelved. I have at least a couple dozen copies of each book of mine. Most are first editions, which could be useful at some point.

  11. congratulations on the award. I also liked the picture of you as captain of the SFWA – the banner was a nice touch.

  12. I find the fact that the award is a simple B/W printed sheet of paper in a modest frame with a modest mat absolutely awesome. I mean that sincerely.

    Also, congratulations on winning it. You were up against some other amazing books, so it must mean something good that you won. (Plus, it’s a great book.)

  13. I’ve a friend who is married to a New York Times best selling author. When I first was at their home, I was initially amused by the number of books she had of her own and was — initially — taken aback. But then I realized that it was a copy (or two) of each of them in each language in which they were published. And I spent the next thirty minutes trying to learn to say the name of the title of her books in German and French and Finnish and god knows what else.

  14. Congratulations on the award, John; it looks very happy to be at home with you and the family. And congrats on surviving what was (if I’ve read the wiki page correctly) the longest tenure as SFWA president of anyone in history…

  15. Most are first editions, which could be useful at some point.

    You mean if Athena gets into Harvard or MIT (a possibility) you won’t have to mortgage the house?

  16. The award looks nice and very many congratulations! Now to the important question: since you are not the president of SFWA anymore, will you still be getting all those advance copies that you take pictures of and use to torture us? If not, you should consider running again at some point. You deserve a break for now, though. Enjoy July.

  17. My getting advance copies of books has nothing to do with being president of SFWA; it has to do with running the Big Idea and otherwise promoting books here.

  18. I don’t know about the other books it was up against, but Redshirts was definitely worthy of some awards. I was deeply impressed. Favorite read so far this year.

  19. You have relieved my mind. And this is a wonderful site to find out about new books as well as your own.

  20. May I just say that it looks lovely. :) Congrats and it was definitely one of my favorites this year as well.

  21. Congratulations!

    I actually just picked up a copy at the local bookstore on Saturday. I hope to be able to read it sometime soon.