Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

My New Convention Harassment Policy

So, I’ve decided something. I am often asked to be a Guest of Honor or a participant at conventions, which is nice. I also have a number of friends and fans who go to conventions, which is nice too. When my friends and fans go to conventions, I would like them not to have to worry, if […]

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The Pride of Erie, PA: “(I Know You Kinda) Hate Me”

Hey, kids! This band The Pride of Erie, PA features my pal Mike Phirman on bass, and also offers up exquisite power pop. These are both reasons to buy their album right this very second. But if you need more convincing — as if my word is not enough — here’s their first single: Here’s […]

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The Big Idea: Django Wexler

Genius is a very interesting topic, to be sure, but when it comes to writing a novel, is it in itself enough to make it all work? Or does there need to be more than “genius” to go on? Django Wexler considers this thought, as it applies to his latest work, The Thousand Names. DJANGO […]

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