New Books and ARCs, 7/2/13

So, what looks good to you? Let me know in the comment thread.

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  1. Is that a new edition of How to Draw Superheroes? I have impending birthdays to buy gifts for…

  2. lkeke35 – I am a Librarian Clerk in the Midwestern US. Its my job to know stuff (or at the very least, admit I know nothing, and go find out!) I love SciFi and Horror, Books, Movies, and television shows. I celebrate Blackness all year round. I am intolerant of intolerance.

    The only one I plan to buy is Dead Set by Richard Kadrey. I’m a huge fan of his Sandman Slim series, so I’m very nuch looking forward to any new series of his.

  3. I’m coveting that SubPress version of Locke & Key #3 so very much!!

  4. Wow, that sub press version of Locke & Key looks awesome. My one friend keeps pushing me to read Charlie Stross, so Neptune’s Children interests me, though I haven’t read the previous book. I’m curious what Stan Lee has to offer on drawing superheroes, given that he’s a writer, but if anyone has the qualifications outside of that realm, it’d be him. I just read and enjoyed the first Sandman Slim, so that, too.

  5. tristarobichaud – Humble, TX – Trained as a PhD biochemist, I love science and good storytelling. I freelance as a content editor, and am currently employed by Twice Told Tales as their managing editor. I have many interests, and I'm facinated with science, teaching, writing, and how the world works. I'm managed by two cats in their spare time.

    Stross and Hill! Squee!

  6. Toria – I am an avid reader who loves weird/speculative fiction. But, I also read literary fiction.  I love talking about books and hope you love listening to me. I started reading when I was young and never stopped. I like books that  explore new worlds in old ways and old worlds in new ways. I like books that tell old stories in new ways. I love tales of the weird. I like poems that tell stories and stories that read like poems

    I have heard some good things about Neptune’s Brood. It’s on my Kindle and I am looking forward to reading it

  7. paranoyd – I am a father, an aspiring writer, and avid gamer. I am also into horror and scifi. I'm currently the Adventure league Local Coordinator for my area, and I'm really into the new FFG Star Wars RPG system. And I love a good curry.

    Kadrey and Stross. And I love Locke and Key, I have all the individual issues.

  8. I’m going to go around the rest of this day exclaiming “Neptune’s Brood!” whenever I’m upset or surprised by something.

  9. Neptune’s Brood arrived at 12:20am having been pre-ordered. Unfortunately, I started “Use of Weapons” again 2 days ago and can’t put that down, so Charlie will have to wait for Iain Banks. It was Charlie’s obit of Banks on his own blog that drove me to it, so it’s only fair.

  10. That looks like a fantastic edition of Locke and Key. The rest of the list also looks fantastic, but I would have to put Dead Set by Richard Kadrey at the top

  11. J. T. Frazier – Cary, NC – A geek Dad with 4 great children who married well above himself and who, by grace alone, loves the Lord Jesus. Loves geek gadgets all too much yet desires mountains and no cell towers. Follows tech mavens yet holds views most won't share. Love creativity and new expression given yet is quite orthodox. A contrarian? "Contrariwise, if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't. That's logic." - Lewis Carroll
    J. T. Frazier

    Stross’s Neptune’s Brood looks intriguing.

  12. I think the Kadrey and the Stross look interesting. Already pre-ordered Kill City Blues. Lots of other stuff on the reading pile already.

  13. Now I find myself imagining John using his summer vacation to learn how to draw super heroes. In the days when Lee was directly involved with comic production, I believe he was a writer. “Stan Lee” is a brand name.

    There should be a “John Scalzi’s” line of books about stuff that John doesn’t usually do:
    “John Scalzi’s Cleaning up Toxic Waste”
    “John Scalzi’s Irish Clogging”

  14. I’m definitely looking forward to Stross’s “Neptune’s Brood”. I’ve been waiting for that since he put out “Bit Rot”.

  15. @ Mike: How about “John Scalzi’s Illustrated How-To Guide To Taping Bacon To Your Cat And Getting Away With It.”?

    Or maybe “John Scalzi’s Guide To Being Annoying To Assholes While Doing Good For The World–With Foreword By Jim. C. Hines!!!!!”.

    How about something totally unrelated: “John Scalzi’s Guide To Being A Barbarian Hero” and the accompanying manual “The Scalzi Guide To Hero Insurance–Never Be Arrested For Beating Up Generic NPC Mooks Again!!!!!”

    Caps are intentional.

  16. Looks like I find myself jumping on a bit of a bandwagon, but I support reading Neptune’s Brood. While it may not be directly connected to Saturn’s Children, I was impressed with the earlier book and believe that a return to the “Freyaverse” would be extremely worthwhile.

  17. How to draw superheroes! Used to create my own sh costumes when I was a kid by cutting out a figure of Dare Devil or Green Lantern, then sketching in musculature and costume details. Gotta buy this one. :-)

  18. I’m about half way through the Charles Stross oeuvre and plan to read it all so I’ll be getting to Neptune’s Brood eventually. And Richard Kadrey is someone I’ve been meaning to start ever since I saw him at SFinSF but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  19. i have Sandman Slim on the Kindle although it’s far down the queue. I’ll try another Kadrey though. I really like Stross’s Laundry stories but might pass on this one.

  20. Kadrey, love the Sandman Slim character. And, of course “John Scalzi’s Guide to Removing Cat Hair From Nearly Everything You Own”

  21. Dead Set by Richard Kadrey looks intriguing to me…

  22. Bought the new Stross from the north-o’-border branch of some huge online retailer, they tell me it’s in the mail. Hoping it doesn’t have the mermaid boobies cover so I can read it on the bus!

  23. Locke and Key is one of the best stories I’ve read the last couple years, comic or no.

  24. I read a free Locke and Key comic on Comixology last week and loved it. Going to start at the beginning soon.

  25. “I wonder if that Stan Lee book is a new version of my old ‘How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way.’”

    Not really. It follows “How to Draw Comics The Stan Lee Way”. Probably similar content, but less Marvel-centric.

    I suppose this is more specifically about character design and drawing.

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