A Sneak Peek at Morning Star Alpha

I’m pretty sure most of you are aware that I’m working on a video game with Industrial Toys, called Morning Star, and I’m pretty sure most of you also know — since I wrote about it here, after all — that I also wrote a graphic novel in the same universe, called Morning Star Alpha. What I’m not entirely sure that you folks know is all the very cool stuff that we’re doing with Morning Star Alpha. It’s a graphic novel, but it’s a graphic novel designed from the ground up to be digitally native — and to do interesting things in relation to the Morning Star video game.

Which is to say that the video game and the graphic novel talk to each other: things you do in the graphic novel will matter for the video game, and things you do in the video game will matter for the graphic novel. Both the video game and the graphic novel are complete experiences in themselves — but if you get both, you’ll see how the two of them work together for a wider and richer experience.

Industrial Toys has been adamant in making the point that Morning Star Alpha is not a “tie-in” to the video game, in the sense that it’s something bolted on as an afterthought or farmed out to others to whip up on the quick. I can certainly agree with that; the graphic novel idea has been part of this from day one, and the same folks who are putting together the game (me, artist Mike Choi, Alex Seropian, Tim Harris and the whole Industrial Toys team) are building the graphic novel. And it really is building: the backend of the graphic novel is some fairly impressive programming in itself. And of course, there’s the story and art as well, which, you know, took a bit of work.

But it’s one thing for me you tell you all this, it’s another for you to see a little bit of what we’ve been up to. So, below, check out this sneak preview video of Morning Star Alpha:

If you’re additionally curious about the process of making the graphic novel, and the thinking that went into it, IGN has an interview with Alex, Mike and me you can check out. There should be some more pieces up on Morning Star Alpha over the next couple of days; I’ll update here when I see them come out.

I’m not gonna lie — I think this is all some seriously nifty stuff, which is why I signed up for it in the first place. I’m also excited that my first professional foray into the graphic novel world is getting that much closer to release. I can’t wait for you all to see it. I think you’re really going to like it.

Update, 12:13pm: “Every video game should have a Morning Star Alpha,” says Kotaku.