The Hungarian Cover for “The Last Colony”

In a word: Cool.

And, if you read Hungarian, here’s an excerpt from The Last Colony, in that fine language. The folks at Agave have apparently been doing a fine job with these books, so I’m happy to see them continue with the series.

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  1. I’m always amused at book covers. Somehow I don’t picture either John or Jane like this. These are standard Hollywood tropes. He’s not the brooding type really. And I’d doubt Jane spends that much time plucking her eyebrows. That all being said, the layout and the graphics are good and relevant to the story.

  2. Looks like they used the SPECIES poster for inspiration… Looks a lot like Natasha Henstridge…

  3. This is with the added bonus that Hungarian basically looks like an alien language (sayeth the man with the Hungarian grandfather).

  4. I would think that, as an author, the coolest thing about the job would be looking at your bookshelf and seeing 15 different languages and covers of a book you wrote. Not that awards and bestsellers and $$ aren’t fun too….but that just has to be the neatest thing ever.

  5. See? Book covers do not have to have contorted near-naked bodies on them to be sexy and compelling. Good job!

  6. So THAT’S what happens to the heads that get cut off American book covers!

    (I jest, of course. It looks nice).

  7. Not how I imagine the characters either. But, let’s be honest, this is much more accurate to the book than most of the covers.

  8. @Tangozulu: In nearly twenty years of plucking, I’ve never gotten close to that well-defined a shape without waxing. In the future, eyebrows epilate themselves…at least, that’s what I’d do with genetic engineering.
    It’s probably for the best I’m in physics.

  9. Király! I have the hardest time reading books for the first time in Hungarian, but manage well enough if I’ve already read and enjoyed them in English. MOAR please!

  10. Y’know what? Those two totally don’t look like the characters, AND I DON’T CARE I WANT THE SHINY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET THE SHINY COVER COME TO ENGLISH. (I realise that John has no control over this. That cover just looks fantastic and I want it.)

  11. I hope Hungarians will enjoy the contents as well. Just for the record, I thought this book worked better than the previous two, because it was politically savvier.

  12. I really like the names of the two obens, Hickory and Dickory, but the Hungarian translation is awesome too.

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