Go On a Quest With Me, Patrick Rothfuss, Jim C. Hines and Mary Robinette Kowal

Yes! A quest! You’ve always wanted to go on a quest, right? 

Short form: It’s a charity auction to come wander through a True Dungeon campaign with the four of us (and a few others) at Gen Con, this August 17. Included in the auction: A three-day pass to Gen Con.

Here are the details. (Note: the auction listing currently has the date lasted as the 7th, not the 17th. It is the 17th.) Having done the True Dungeon thing at Gen Con last year, I can assure you: This is will be a hell of a  lot of fun.

Also, uh, yes, I will be at Gen Con this year. For one day, namely, August 17. No, I have no other events planned other than running through the dungeon with Pat, Jim and Mary. So if you really want to make sure you see me there, this is the way to do it.

6 Comments on “Go On a Quest With Me, Patrick Rothfuss, Jim C. Hines and Mary Robinette Kowal”

  1. If I actually had the money, I’d be bidding on this. It would’ve been the perfect present for my husband’s 55th birthday, which just happens to be August 17. (Ok, I might have dropped out around the $500 mark, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

  2. Hrm.. as luck would have it, that’s one of the few time slots that I’m not already booked for an event… tempting!

  3. “…lasted as the 7th, not the 17th.”
    I like how you deliberately misspelled “losted” as a way to stand in united nonjudgmental solidarity with people who dont’ proofread real ogod.

  4. So, if I bid and won the true dungeon thingie could I participate with a GoPro Camera attached somewhere about my person. Actually if there were a buccaneer class I’d imbed it in a fake parrot and strap it to my shoulder.