Your Semi-Obligatory Reminder Regarding Hugo Voting

Let me provide it:

1. If you are already a member of LoneStarCon 3, and you plan to vote for the Hugos, remember that you have until 11:59pm CDT, July 31st, 2013 to do it. You can vote here.

2. If you are not yet a member of LoneStarCon 3, but would like to vote for the Hugos, then remember that you can buy a membership, the purchase of which allows you to vote for the Hugos. You can buy either an attending membership (which means you can go to the actual convention as well as vote for the Hugos), or a supporting membership (which allows you to vote for the Hugos, but not attend the convention).

3. Both flavors of membership come with the Hugo Voter’s Packet, which is a collection of most of the Hugo nominated works for the year, including my book Redshirts, which is up for Best Novel. The value of the works in the Hugo Voter’s Packet more than exceeds the cost of a supporting membership, incidentally, which is a nice bonus.

Aaaaand that’s your semi-obligatory reminder for the year. (Actually, I’ll probably remind you folks again a little closer to the deadline, too.) Happy reading and happy voting.


7 Comments on “Your Semi-Obligatory Reminder Regarding Hugo Voting”

  1. You aren’t kidding about the value you get for the membership. I downloaded the Voter’s Packet as soon as it became available with the goal to make through everything so I could vote on the entire ballot. Even having already read 3 of the novels already, I don’t think I’m going to make it. There is a lot of stuff, and all of it has been really good so far.

  2. John:

    Thank you for your help in getting out the vote (and in plugging membership in LoneStarCon 3). If anyone has anyone questions regarding the packet or the voting process, please send a message to

    IronOre, I hope you will at least vote in the categories you finish.

    Todd Dashoff
    Hugo Administrator, LoneStarCon 3

  3. I should add that Supporting or Attending membership in LoneStarCon 3 also allows you to vote on the site of the 2015 Worldcon – the competing sites are Spokane (WA), Orlando (FL) and Helsinki (Finland). The site selection vote requires an additional fee, but that fee is an automatic supporting membership to the winning convention, so even if it ends up being too far, too expensive, or whatever, you already will qualify for the Hugo Packet that year (assuming the committee continues the practice) and will be able to upgrade at the lowest additional cost should you actually want to attend the winning convention.

    Todd Dashoff
    Hugo Administrator, LoneStarCon 3

  4. It’s a wonderful packet, and I’m having a lot of fun reading my way through each category and voting as I go. I won’t get through all of it before the deadline, but at least this year I will get around to casting an informed vote in some of the categories. Many thanks to the authors, editors and publishers who made the works available for the packet, and to John for getting the whole thing started a few years ago.

  5. I can never remember: is semi-obligatory twice an obligatory, or only once every other obligatory? Or would that be bi-obligatory? This language is so confusing. And should that have been a colon or semi-colon or neither?

  6. Are you not going to Lone Star Con? Just wanted to check since I didn’t see your name on the attendees list! :)

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