Note of Interest to Those Who Follow This Blog Via RSS

It appears that if I update older blog posts, they will sometimes post to the RSS feed as if they are new. Don’t ask me why; just be aware it might happen from time to time. If I can figure out a way to fix it I will.

17 Comments on “Note of Interest to Those Who Follow This Blog Via RSS”

  1. Somewhat OT, but do you notice the occasional spams getting posted to old comment threads? They pop up now and again in the blatherations box.

  2. Those of us who use RSS a lot will understand and deal with it like grownups. Most sites have the same problem from time to time.

  3. As Mike Moody says, it happens with most other blogs. But if you find a fix, please let the world know it!

  4. I quite like getting updates through RSS. Although I only skim half of my feeds anyway so am not bothered if I realise I’ve read something before.

  5. FWIW, as one who reads your blog via RSS, I prefer it to work that way because when you add an update to a post, I get to see it. If you can set it up so that you choose whether it’ll be seen as new for the RSS feed, then it would be great to continue to get the updates. Thanks!

  6. (Damn, pressed «post» too early. I meant to add that it’s an expected behaviour.)

  7. No worries, John. I barely noticed. Why? Because CNN does this ALL THE TIME. I see three or five or ten versions of certain stories pop up in my RSS feed because they made some very minor change. Sometimes the stories are months old.

  8. I was afraid you wouldn’t see this in full threads. Just curious: is your dog pregnant?