Flow Sweetly, Hang Heavy

Because I felt like it, I made a playlist of songs. If you hit play, it will run through all the songs automatically. Or you can go here and see the entire set. I should note the videos were selected for the songs, not the visuals. Enjoy.

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  1. Hmmm… for me at least the Sarah Harmer whips through in about 2 seconds (even if you click the link directly), and Airborne Toxic Event Songs skips (though works fine at the link). Though the rest are great.

  2. A background-music-for-while-doing-stuff playlist.
    Had two artists that I Googled for more about, four that I already like, nothing that had me wanting to plug in the real speakers so’s I could crank it up and “Dance!!” and nothing that I had to skip.
    A pleasant background for reading about stuff like insurgents rescuing martyrs from Abu Graib/A prison escape, http://pollen.aaaai.org/nab/index.cfm?p=allergenreport&stationid=21 , how a bunch of people pushed a train sideways enough to get the trapped woman out, the problems the Detroit MI city gov’t is having, News in Brief: Mouse retinas grown in lab, News in Brief: Dolphins name themselves with a whistle….

    About the dolphins. A bit of anthropocentric sensory processing blindness in the article.
    Is a chance that some critter with very good hearing and scent doesn’t need to assign names because each critter hears/smells everything about everybody. No need for names, they _all_ Know_ who everybody is.
    I mean, was an article about bats. To humans a cave wall covered with bats is what it is, but to Mama bat? She just drives home to feed the baby.

  3. Why did you go with that version of “Boulder to Birmingham”? There are lots of clips on Youtube from before Harris’s voice was shot. Obviously “because I felt like it” would be an acceptable answer (if you want to answer at all), but I was wondering if there was a more specific reason — if you heard something I didn’t in that version.

  4. @Andrew Burday
    He ain’t me. Me? I’d have chosen barbecue it works in all (I’m so hungry) browsers.
    Sorry, spell correct is a bastard.

    He chose it barbecue it he liked it.

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