Daily Archives: July 23, 2013

Fuzzy Nation Nominated for Spain’s Premios Ignotus

Twitter has come in handy once again as I was informed by Venezuelan science fiction writer Ronald Delgado that El Visitante Inesperado, the Spanish-language version of Fuzzy Nation, has been nominated for the Premios Ignotus, the Spanish equivalent of the Hugo, in the category of best foreign novel.  I believe this is my first nomination […]

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Athena in Black and White

Click on any of the pictures to get the full-sized pictures in a slideshow.

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Geek Girls: Meet Your New Anthem

“Nothing to Prove” by The Doubleclicks. P.S.: The album it is on is now for sale. In addition to that link, you can get it on iTunes and Amazon and all the other places.

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