Heads Up On Picture Outage, 7/25

Most of the pictures on Whatever, for reasons having to do with convenience and laziness, are hosted on Flickr. Tomorrow between 7pm and 1am Friday morning, Flickr will be undergoing maintenance and will apparently not be accessible. I suspect that means many if not most of the pictures here at Whatever will disappear during that timeframe.

If that indeed does happen, don’t panic. Clearly I know about it, and the pictures will be back once Flickr finishes its maintenance.

14 Comments on “Heads Up On Picture Outage, 7/25”

  1. “Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!”

    Oh, um, ah, that’s already happening at your place isn’t it.

  2. You should just put up a picture saying “Don’t Panic” in calm friendly letters.

    Oh wait….

  3. I got that notice too and was like, “well, _that’s_ a really weird time of day,” but… I guess on the plus side it’s kind of nice they aren’t making their whole staff show up at 10pm and swing-shift it?

  4. I originally misread the title as “Picture Outrage,” and thought, “Finally! Someone is going to complain about the surfeit of weather and cute cat photos on Whatever!” Alas, it wasn’t to be…

  5. Now why would you go and ruin a perfect excuse for flaily internet panic and outrage!? Did you even think of the posters’ poor Capslock button, all lonely and neglected? It must feel so underutilized…

  6. That’s the same bait and switch the pulled with Coke. Purge the market and replace with an inferior product. I’m on to your game, Flickr.

  7. I first read that as “Heads up on picture outrage,” which would have been a stranger but possibly more interesting post. I will officially not freak out.

  8. I saw the times and began wondering where the server farm was. Not that you can tell that way.

    Public service announcement — back up your photos to several places.

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